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Wearing a dress shirt in summer?

When it comes to selecting a summer outfit for a man; let’s face it – we have the shorter end of the stick compared to the fairer gender. While women have plethora of choices when it comes to summer clothing from summer gowns to glossy skirts, we are left with a selection of pants plus a few easy shirt choices.

We might not have an extensive selection of alternatives at our disposal, this gives us more reason to make what we have work, and work well. The guide below will explain to you just how a summer apparel top ought to be worn, what stuff you ought to be searching for and how to dress for specific events.

What Exactly Makes a Man’s Dress Shirt?

Dress shirts are a vital item in any person’s wardrobe. They’re the go to garment for business men or people who are searching for a smarter look, but they are also able to be worn in a casual setting. The lines between casual and formal are somewhat blurred these days, however, there are a couple of things to look for when going for formal or casual when wearing a dress shirt:

The collar: Formal dress shirts have a stiff and starched collar in order to keep it upright with requiring a button down variant.

Sleeve length: Dress shirts have full length sleeves with sturdy cuffs. Casual shirts tend to have softer cuffs since they are frequently rolled up.

Color: Formal dress shirts come in solid colors or at most with a subtle stripe or check pattern. Casual shirts can come in any design, usually brightly colored and with prints and patterns.

Construction: Dress shirts are usually made from thicker and more expensive fabrics. A cheap dress shirt should raise an alarm.

Dress shirts or no longer the domain of stuffy lawyers, accountants or business men. Nowadays almost every man in every profession owns several dress shirts. In the section below we will try to give some tips on how you can make your dress shirt work for almost any occasion.

Buttoned up: Buttoning up a dress shirt will give it an elegant and formal appearance even if you aren’t wearing the dress shirt with a tie or suit. Want to go for a more casual look, just loosen a few buttons on your dress shirt. Not too many though, it can quickly go from casual to creepy.

Sleeves: Naturally you should keep your sleeves at full length and buttoned up, maybe slightly rolled back if your dress shirt has a contrasting fabric on the inside, if you want to go for a formal look. For a casual look just roll up your sleeves.

In or out: And untucked shirt is an informal shirt. The formal look requires a nicely tucked in shirt, it accentuates the body and shows off the fit. For a casual look you can wear a dress shirt untucked. Make this decision beforehand, untucking a dress shirt halfway through the day will leave it wrinkled and messy.

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