Watch TV Your Way, Without Cable

Are you sick of paying for channels you never watch?

Millions of viewers like yourself are cutting the cord and not looking back. Streaming subscriptions have increased by 80% in the last month of alone, proving that cable alternatives are here to stay.

Streaming services may hog the spotlight, but viewers are also looking back for other alternatives, like TV antennas, which were invented in 1919.

Are we seeing the demise of cable TV in real-time? You be the judge!

Here are several ways to watch TV without the high costs of cable.

Cable Companies Are Catching Up

Here’s the deal: cable TV is expensive, but it still carries some of the best programs on TV. Cable heavyweights like HBO, Showtime, and AMC are responsible for such hits as Homeland, Walking Dead, and Game of Thrones.

Luckily, cable networks got the memo.

Now, you can enjoy your favorite cable shows without paying for channels you don’t watch. HBO has its own online streaming service that lets you binge-watch your favorite shows from any connected device. Same with Showtime and the Disney Channel.

YouTube to the Rescue

YouTube is more than just cat videos. It’s quickly becoming the biggest competition to cable (and fellow streaming services.)

For a monthly fee, viewers enjoy premium subscription perks, like ad-free experiences and original YouTube shows and movies. Regular viewers can also watch free movies and web shows without paying for subscriptions.

Youtubers themselves are even competing with cable news networks. Political and news-based YouTube channels are giving MSNBC, Fox News, and CNN a run for their money, especially during election season. Plus, viewers don’t have to pay to watch the news on YouTube.

YouTube is technically the cheapest alternative to cable since most content is free, even some movies and shows. It’s also the most flexible, since viewers can curate their experiences from billions of video sources.

Antennas Still Work

Without expensive monthly costs, cable alternatives give homeowners more choices. Along with video streaming, you can enjoy the benefits of TV antennas.

Antennas are ideal for rural areas with limited cable choices. Many areas, including cities, also have cable monopolies, which limits services for residents. Fortunately, anyone can install an antenna to watch TV.

Learn more about the best TV antenna for bad reception; this will improve your viewing experience exponentially.

How to Save Money on TV

More choices mean more ways to save.

One of the best parts of cable alternatives is payment flexibility. Since most streaming subscriptions are month-to-month, you can pause your subscription for months at a time when you’re not using it.

Many services come with free trials, so you can enjoy your favorite programs without paying a dime. Just remember to cancel before the free trial is up!

Watch TV Your Way

Forget all those extra channels. Pay for what you need and even watch TV for free. Discover the benefits of streaming and digital antennas for yourself.

Remember these alternatives as you decide, and check out the blog to find even more indispensable lifehacks.

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