Visiting Sighnaghi in Georgia – car rental in Tbilisi and travelling

I would like to tell you about my experience of visiting Georgia this year, mainly the small town in Kakheti region which you definitely should see if you are interested in ancient fortresses. This place is one of the most beautiful spots in the country also sometimes called as a “Town of Love” probably because of its beauty and attractive views.

You can travel to Sighnaghi using municipal transport but it would be much better to find a good car rental in Tbilisi, that’s the capital of Georgia, because this small town is very interesting to explore driving your own vehicle. There is a special place for the visitors of Sighnaghi at the top of the town, where you can view the whole settlement for above. It would be the good spot to make a plan for visiting the interesting places here.

I can recommend you a good car rental Company in Tbilisi –GSS Car Rental. They offer a variety of SUV’s at affordable price and the service they provide is really great. If the car suddenly breaks down it will be fixed in place or GSS will deliver you another vehicle in the same class. So you won’t have to worry about the car while travelling and besides that, GSS vehicles have great reliability as the company has their own service garage and checks the vehicles before providing them to the clients there.

You can book the car at the company’s website and order delivery to the airport of Tbilisi, Batumi or Kutaisi – depending on the city from where you are going to start your journey.

After you got a car you can drive to Sighnaghi. The main roads in Georgia are in a good condition but if you are going to visit the most distant places you will need a 4wd vehicle.  Sighnaghi by itself is a fortress town in the top of the hill. You can enjoy a great sight of the Alazani Valley from there. The architecture of the town by my opinion is a mixture of Georgian and Italian style buildings.

Expert tourists say that Sighnaghi looks like a small European town but with a fortress. While searching for the entrance to it you will find a St. George Church, which is also one of the interest spots for tourists. You will clearly see the fortress as you arrive at the destination. It’s a big one, approximately 5 kilometers long and the walls of the fortress surround the old part of the city. You can safely walk under the wall as it is well maintained. When you finish exploring the fortress you can taste delicious Georgian cuisine and maybe also wine in the restaurants nearby.

I didn’tregret going to Sighnaghi and was very pleased with my trip after it was over. I have visited a lot of places in Georgia and can say that Sighnaghi is one that is worth seeing. We have rented a Toyota SUV in Tbilisi at GSS Car rental and the vehicle was in a very good condition, the staff of the company is very friendly and are always ready to help you, so I can also recommend renting a car at this company if you want to travel in comfort.

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