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If you want to save content from the internet, then you are in the perfect place. In this three-minute content, we would like to inform our readers about the different websites and tools that can help you in saving videos and other media content on your computer or mobile system. So, without wasting time, let us move towards the details of the tools and sites that can help you save videos for free from any source!

Video downloader by SmallSeoTools

The video downloader tool by SmallSeoTools is a very reputed tool to download videos from any platform. You’r should know that this tool is free and user friendly. You just need to open up the website and enter the URL of the video that you want to download. You can save as many videos and media content as you want to in a single day without any restrictions. This is an all-platform video downloader tool which can help you download video from different sources from the internet. One of the pro features of this tool is you can also convert video files to the audio while downloading.

Now, this is the second video downloader website which is very famous all across the globe, and the best part about it is that it is easy enough to use by people of all ages. This website is a YouTube video downloader which means that it can easily help you in the saving of all videos that you desire from YouTube. You just have to copy the URL address of the video, and you can just add ‘SS’ before the URL and paste it in the website’s path bar. Your desired content will be downloaded for free within seconds!

Fast Tube

The fast tube is yet another website tool that you should know about in detail. This tool is ranked among the top five YouTube downloader tools available on the web. Now, this is mainly because of its simplicity. You can use this downloading tool not only on Chrome but also on other search engines like Safari, Opera, Explorer, and also on Firefox. It is also the and most efficient downloading tools available on the web!

Instagram Downloader

Instagram downloader, as the name tells us, is the tool that can help you save content directly from Instagram. Now, this tool has a very good reputation on the web when it comes to photo and video sharing. Having said that you must know you must also know that you can not only save content from Instagram, but you can also simply convert the content into different formats that you desire, these include Mp3, Mp4, and even HD!

Facebook video downloader

The FB down tool or the FB down private tool is both the perfect video saving tools that you can use to save any kind of videos from Facebook without any complications and that for free too. The downloading process of videos is also very much easy, and even a layman can understand it!


Keep video or better known as Keepvid is also one of the popular video downloading platforms available on the internet. In the past, this tool was also ranked among the best YouTube downloader tools, but currently, the website is said to be not catering to any kind of business-related to YouTube. You can still use this tool for free to save content from other famous video platforms on the web!  buy 4000 watch hours on youtube

Clip Converter

The clip converter tool is also among the top-ranked tools on the web. Now, this downloader website works with any website that has video content on it. It is also known as the best video grabber tool available online. You can get access to any video on a website and can download it on your system plus you must also know that this tool helps you in the conversion of video content to different formats!

Online video converter 

This is yet another online tool that you must know about if you want to save video content from the web. The saving procedure is quite easy, and anyone can understand it like and use this tool for this purpose. You can easily paste the video link in the path bar of the site and can select the quality of the video in which you want to save the video. The tool will save your video soon after you click on the ‘start’ button!

Open broadcaster software

Now, this is yet another important and unique tool available on the web. You should know that with the help of this software tool, you can easily help yourself in saving screens. You can record screens with the help of this software tool, and this is why it is famous among the best downloader tools on the web!

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