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Victony Extender

 Victony extender solves your everyday internet speed problems. It gives more out of your WiFi speed. It’s totally a wireless device and pretty easy to setup which makes this device less hectic. Due to its 4 antenna it provides unparalleled WiFi range. It can go with almost every router. It has impressive 3 modes ‘Repeater/AP/Router’. Place this extender on a suitable position and enjoy high-speed internet with in-home/office. 

There are following methods to victony ac1200 setup device. So let’s get started with its setup process.

Setup of Victony WiFi Extender via WPS

1. First of all plugin your Victony AC1200 Extender in proximity to your router. It is suggested to put them in same room for faster connection.

2. Wait for Power LED to turn solid and stay stable of the extender.

3. Press and hold the WPS button present on the victony repeater for about a couple of seconds.

4. Go through the same above process with a router.

5. Now the stable lights on both devices would start blinking for around 15-20 seconds and wil stop eventually. That confirms that the successful Victony extender setup.

7. Light on your Victony Extender will turn stable again. If not then reset your extender and try again with the same process.

8. Here is the time to unplug your extender and put it anywhere you wanted to place, within the range of the router.

9. Your extender will pop in your WiFi list with the same password as of your router. Connect and start streaming without any buffer.

Setup Victony AC1200 Extender Via Browser

1- Firstly place the Extender in the midway of place with connectivity issue and your router. In this case it is not compulsory to plugin your extender near your router.

2. It is important to get a half percent of signals from a router to Extender.

 3. Now start your extender and push the button to ‘extender or repeater’ mode.

4. Wait for the Power LED to turn stable and green

5. Take your phone/tablet/laptop and go on WiFi settings and select the Victony_extender_XXX network. It will be an open network without a password so connect to it.

6. When it gets connected it will show no internet and now open your browser.

7. Type ap setup login or  in the address bar and hit enter. It will open the Victony Extender Setup page. Follow the instructions given on the screen.

8. It will ask you to fill the username and password. Type ‘admin’ in both.

9.When it asks to select type of network to extend, choose the network you wanted to extend and type a new password there.

10. After updating the settings it would take approx 1 minute to reboot the system and after that, you can connect to the devices.

11. Go to WiFi settings and connect your device to Victony Extender and start enjoying a high-speed internet.

Setup of Victony Extender as Access Point

If it’s fine to you to use 20 feet ethernet cable or there is already an ethernet cable installed in walls this might be the best option to choose for access point setup. You must be wondering Why this is the best option to choose? Because it gives you more speed than WiFi options. Before getting started make sure to toggle switch to Access Point mode. Now Let’s get started setting this up.

1. Plugin you Victony Extender to place you want to use.

2. After plugin, connect the ethernet cable from your LAN Port of the repeater to your router.

3. Grab your phone/tablet/Laptop open WiFi settings and connect to Victory Extender network present in WiFi list.

4. When it gets connected open your browser on the same device. Then type http://ap.setup in the address bar.

5. A new page will open as Victony Extender Setup wizard.

6. It will further ask to type Username and Password. Type ‘ admin ‘ in both.

7. Next in setup, it will ask for mode, select Access Point Mode, and hit next button.

8. Create your new password, SSID, security type for your Access Point.

9. After all this process it will reboot itself. This will take a minute or so.

10. After a reboot now you can connect to your devices. Since Victony Extender supports Dual ethernet port so you will be able to connect more devices and start enjoying seamless streaming and unhindered work.

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