Vegetables are good and bad for dogs

Very few people care about this, when there are leftover fruits and vegetables in the house, we usually give it to the dog to eat, which intuitively causes the unpredictable consequences that the dog has to eat. The fruit is not good for them. But there are also fruits and vegetables that are good for dogs that you should feed your dog regularly.


Vegetables and fruits are good for your dog’s health

Dogs are meat animals, but they also need many nutrients from vegetables, fruits and vegetables. In vegetables and fruits, a lot of vitamins and fiber help the dog’s digestive system to function well, increase health, develop evenly, and when feeding the dog fruit, it is advisable to eat it completely.You need to be aware of choosing the best puppy food to help ensure health. Because not all foods respond well to puppies.

+ Eating bananas for dogs is very good for their health, some new researches of Japanese scientists show that quite a lot of interesting information such as bananas contain a lot of tyrosin, a precursor to the production of the neurotransmitter dopamine. Serotonin plays a positive role in agility and ability to learn.

Strawberries: Strawberries are an excellent source of vitamin C. One cup of strawberries contains 51.5mg of vitamin C, about of the daily requirement of the body. So, with just two cups of strawberries, you have 100% of the required amount of vitamin C. Vitamin C is an immune booster and is also a powerful antioxidant.

+ Give your dog cereal: Many vitamins and minerals, and is something that dogs love to eat. There is usually a strong smell of milk on a dog in a cereal bag in a store.

+ Watermelon: Only when it is fully ripe, otherwise it will affect the digestive tract

Anise: It has the effect of smoothing the coat, increasing the amount of milk for the baby, and it is very good for the dog with cough, the digestive tract is not stable.

The following fruits and vegetables should not be given to your dog

+ Do not feed dogs avocados: Although avocado is very good for human health, but not for dogs, because the avocado contains persin which is extremely toxic to dogs.

+ Fruits with prunus groups (plums, peaches …) in their nuclei have substances that cause dogs to vomit, go out, have a high fever, nasal mucosa … with small amount, it’s okay.

+ These soybeans and bean products make dogs indigestible so they should not be fed.

+ So-co-lat: So-co-lat contains caffeine, which seriously affects the heart of dogs, causing serious heart diseases.

Several other foods are great for dogs

+ Beer manure has a very good effect on making the dog’s coat more smooth and the nails strong. With the right dose and weekly feeding you will see the immediate effect of the dog.

+ Dry bread is also very good for the digestive system of the dog

+ Feeding the dog pig liver, chicken neck, chicken breast are all very good.

Can dogs eat pears?

Dogs can eat different, but not all, of the same amount. Therefore, it is important to determine which foods are suitable for a particular dog. His diet should be based on many factors; It should be changed so that it contains a good percentage of all the nutrients that a dog needs for safe and active growth and growth.

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Pears are healthy, delicious, juicy and fragrant fruit. Most people love them and dogs too. It is not uncommon for a dog to eat pears falling in the garden. Pears are great for dogs, but remember that fruit is not the most important food on a pet’s menu. Pears are full of fiber, valuable vitamins and minerals and are therefore good for the digestion and general health of the dog.

However, you should be aware that all fruits contain sugars and sugars that are not good for pets. Your body is not designed to process sugars, not even natural, and “healthy” from fruits like pears.

Hence, you should consider handling pears for your dog. Put it in small sections now and then. Pears should not be on the dog’s menu as the primary food. They’re delicious and tasty, but that’s all. Your dog can survive without pears, but they are a very good choice for a reward. It is better to give your dog a small, juicy pear than cookies or snacks. Just keep it in moderation. A few bites or a small pear at a time would be fine.

Make sure you wash pears properly before serving them to your pet. This way, you and your pet can be protected from chemical poisoning or indigestion from the pesticides used to treat pear plants as they grow.

Also removes the seeds. Fruit seeds like pears, apples and more are toxic to pets due to their cyanide content. This is also harmful to humans, but animals are less tolerant of it, so they will need smaller amounts to experience the negative effects.

If you eat too much pears, your dog may experience digestive problems, stomach upset, diarrhea, etc. Eating too much fruit will have the same effect. It is mainly due to the sugar content of pears. A hairy friend’s stomach cannot tolerate large amounts of sugar, so many pears can have stomach problems.

Be very careful if you have a pear tree in your garden. Dogs are insatiable guys and will eat almost anything in front of your nose. It is unlikely that your dog will eat most of the fallen fruits and get sick from the effects of the seeds and sugar.

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