Useful “How-to’s” in the Sport of Horse Racing

Horse racing is loved by millions across the globe, and with good reason. The sport has always cemented its place historically but has increasingly become popular amongst the masses from America to Australia and everywhere in between. Despite this, it still remains a bit of an unknown sport for loads of others. Horse racing can be a complicated sport with a lot of intricacies which sometimes makes it difficult for people. To iron out any issues you might have if you are a beginner to the sport or to maybe refresh some knowledge you may have forgotten as a veteran we are here to provide you with some useful “how-to’s” in the sport of horse racing. 

Picking a winner

This sport is perhaps the most closely associated with gambling out of any other sports on the planet. To take a punt on horses at the bookies, online or in person at the racetrack, you’re going to need to know how to pick a winner. This is easier said than done, but there are some great tips we have for you to help guide you to bashing the bookies and taking home some profits. Sports betting on horse racing is different to other sports as it is so unpredictable and has become wildly popular both at the bookies and online with sites such as Timeform . After all, only a third of the time does the favourite win when it comes to horse racing. This means to pick a winner during horse racing you really need to do your research. Tracking form, having a look at the horse in the parade ring before the race or understanding the conditions of the race whether that be ground or magnitude of event are all factors which must be taken into account before making your selection. Whilst luck will sometimes get you some wins, relying on it is playing into the hands of the bookies. Instead, do you research and take all of these factors into consideration. “How-to” pick a winner in horse racing is all about putting that graft in before the race. 

Choosing the right bet

We have already discussed just how intertwined betting is with horse racing. These two things go hand in hand. But how do you know how to choose the right bet? It is important to note that picking a winner is one thing but putting the right bet on is another. When you are selecting your bet you should be looking at whether you are wanting to risk a multi-bet such as a double, treble or accumulator/lucky 15. With the unpredictable nature of horse racing this can be hugely important with multi-bets improving odds but decreasing chance of winning. Making sure that you consider that alongside other things such as the odds which are at stake. On top of this horse racing offers special bets specific to the sport such as the Lucky 15 or the Each-Way. Each way betting means the bookies will pay out on the top 3 placing in the race at varying levels. Knowing what selection you are putting on, what options you can take and understanding how to get the most bang for your buck when betting on horse racing is important and a hugely useful “how-to” in the sport. “How-to” choose the right bet in horse racing is massive in the sport of horse racing. 

How to get the most out of race-day

It is well known that when you are attending the races there is a certain way to dress yourself up. Getting suited and booted is a must for the races so you’ll need to dawn that suit and attach that fascinator. It’s helpful to know where your ticket permits you to go in terms of the racetrack on that day and to also know where things like the toilet, bar and entertainment are all at. But importantly, the thing you need to make sure you do on race day is to acquire a copy of the racecard for the day. This gives you valuable information about the horses, lets you know when the races are and will be a nice souvenir to take home as well. Be aware that the racetrack will open an hour or two before racing starts and be open after the races end. Knowing these helpful tips about attending the races will save you hassle and make for a much more enjoyable day than going in blind. Our useful “how-to” get the most out of race day by turning up early, sorting yourself and group out with a good viewing spot, getting your bets all sorted with the race card and knowing where the bar and toilets are for suiting your every desire throughout the day should sort you for a day at the races and give you a better understanding of the horse racing. 

Whilst we have by no means covered everything about this very complicated sport, this list gives you a little insight into some useful “how-to’s” in horse racing and should help you to make sure you are that little bit better clued up on this magnificent sport. 

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