Unique diamond jewelry worn by celebrities across the world

Diamonds are rare and precious stones that are loved by most. Their sparkle and shine mesmerize us and let us have handsome jewelry pieces that can razzle and dazzle. Celebrities love their diamonds too and often show them off through unique jewelry pieces. These diamonds or jewelry pieces are then sought by others as well just so they could have something very similar to a celebrity. These unique pieces are used to create a buzz and highlight celebrity status. Here are some of the unique jewellery pieces worn by celebrities.

Diamond and ruby shoes – Anja Rubik

Stunning pink satin heels dripping with jewels were worn by supermodel Anja Rubik at Cannes in 2011. A woman loves her shoes and diamonds and Anja had the best of both with the bejewelled shoes. This creation was a collaboration between Chopard and Giuseppe Zanotti. The heels had 22 carats worth of diamonds along with 199 carats worth of pink sapphires and 134 carats worth of rubellites. All of these gems were strung on a rose gold chain. The exquisite pair was auctioned off later for a whopping £125,000 to a private buyer.

128 carat Tiffany diamond – Lady Gaga

In 2012, Tiffany’s celebrated its 175th anniversary and the jewellery piece with a large diamond was created. Lady Gaga wore the 128 carat Tiffany diamond as a pendant on a diamond necklace for the Oscars in 2019. This is a stunning piece because the diamond is quite large – almost the size of a small egg and it isn’t for sale. It remains in Tiffany’s archives and only a few are chosen to wear or display it. Originally, the diamond was discovered in South Africa in1877 as a 287 carat rough stone. It was then purchased by Charles Lewis Tiffany who had it cut and fashioned into its current state. Now known as the Tiffany diamond it is a part of multiple displays and exhibitions.

Druzy black onyx and diamond ring – Carmen Electra

Actress Carmen Electra wore a stunning druzy black onyx and diamond ring for the Life Ball in 2013. The designer ring looks so creative and stunning with a crescent-shaped druzy black onyx set on red gold. The black onyx gemstone is bisected or divided by a half-moon arc of 90 diamonds. The ring looks spectacular and immediately attracts attention. It was designed by Jorge Adeler as a one-of-a-kind piece. Carmen is also known for black diamond rings as she was presented with one as her engagement ring by former boyfriend Rob Patterson. She commented that the ring was different and more her style.

Diamond necklace with 7500 stones – Nicole Kidman

The term “dripping in diamonds” was brought to life by Nicole Kidman during the 2008 Academy Awards. She wore a diamond piece worth $7 million by L’Wren Scott which was made of 7500 diamonds. Kidman wore a plain black Balenciaga dress with the diamonds and clearly, they were the main attraction. It is roughly worth 1400 carats and the piece took 6000 hours to create. The way it was draped, the neckpiece appeared to have multiple layers of diamonds and covered the front and back, taking the bling level to a new high.

Diamond encrusted shoes – Nick Cannon

Nick Cannon was hosting the finale of America’s Got Talent season 9, when he debuted diamond encrusted shoes worth a whopping $2 million. Yes! You heard that right. Blingy and super expensive shoes for a show. These are custom decorated Tom Ford loafers and the diamonds were added by Jason Arasheben. The shoe had to be covered in diamonds of the same size and as natural diamonds may not occur in the same shape or size, the sourcing took a good four months. So, where is it now? Nick reportedly planned to auction the shoes after the show for a charitable cause.

Heart of the Ocean – Gloria Stewart

The heart of the Ocean is an iconic piece of artificial jewellery that was a part of the movie Titanic. It played a significant role in the movie, albeit silently. During the 1998 Academy Awards, Gloria Stewart, the actress who played the older version of Rose in Titanic, wore a custom necklace that looked quite similar to the movie prop. The necklace which she wore was made of a real blue sapphire with diamonds and looked stunning. It was estimated to be worth $20 million and definitely made her stand out.

Celebrities may be adorning unique and even outrageous jewellery or accessories with diamonds. But you can also have uniquely designed diamond jewellery if you go to the right place. For example, Hatton Garden, one of the must see travel places in London, is a diamond hub and can fulfill your dream for a pretty diamond piece. Black diamond engagement rings are now very popular across Hatton Garden too which you can explore too.

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