Understanding Different Body Types & The Nutrients They Need

To anyone looking to improve their health – whether it’s to lose weight, gain weight, or build muscles – a good starting point is to find out what body type you have. Once you know what your body type is, it will make it much easier to know what kinds of food your body prefers to achieve your goal. Knowing your body type also allows you to understand your body’s natural metabolic state and use it to your advantage. 

However, different things like exercise, diet, and other physical changes by way of pregnancy and menopause can affect your body type or cause it to become a hybrid with another kind. To find out what yours is, you can look back to your late teen to early adult years to see your body’s base metabolic state and structure.

The three main body types are ectomorph, endomorph, and mesomorph.

No matter which type you are, what’s important is keeping your body healthy.(Image source: Unsplash)

Ectomorphs have long arms and legs, a smaller bone structure, and narrow shoulders. They are typically described as skinny or slim, with less body fat and muscles. They look this way since ectomorphs have a faster metabolism compared to the other two body types. This fast metabolism allows them to burn fat quickly, which means they can struggle with weight gain. The best diet for these body types are high in carbohydrates, so their bodies don’t run out of energy. According to experts, ectomorphs should eat a diet with 45% complex carbohydrates, 35% lean protein, and 20% healthy fat. In other words, ectomorphs should make an effort to eat more carbohydrates, a moderate amount of protein, and less fat with their meals.

Endomorphs have bulky, sturdy bodies and tend to carry weight on their belly, hips, and thighs. They often have a full figure with a smaller waistline, with a more massive bone structure. People with this body type have slower metabolisms and thus gain weight quickly. That, along with a higher body fat content, puts them at risk for developing type 2 diabetes and heart disease. Endomorphs’ bodies are more sensitive to carbohydrates and insulin, and so experts advise that they maintain a diet with 20% complex carbohydrates, 40% lean protein, and 40% healthy fat. 

Mesomorphs have athletic bodies with a medium bone structure. They appear healthy and muscular, with well-defined muscles. They are the in-between of ectomorphs and endomorphs, as they can gain and lose both weight and muscles quickly. People with this body type have an average metabolism and respond well to weight training, finding it easier to build and tone their muscles. To maintain a healthy body, mesomorphs can do a balance of cardio and strength training. Experts believe mesomorphs should consume 40% complex carbohydrates, 30% lean protein, and 30% healthy fat compared to the other two bodys types. 

No matter your body type, you must take enough micronutrients to keep your body functioning well. These can be done by keeping track of the vitamins and minerals you intake when eating fruits and vegetables. However, if you prefer to keep your diet straightforward and not overthink these things, drinking a multivitamin supplement may be better for you. 
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