Two-Dimensional Shapes – An Integral Part of Mathematics

Shapes are everywhere around us. Shapes constitute an object’s boundaries and can be distinguished in a variety of ways based on their attributes. A boundary is created by mixing the curves, points, and line segments to form these shapes. Depending on the structure, each form has a name. The following are some examples of shapes: circle, square, rectangle, triangle, and so on. It is important, for everyone to easily deal with problems related to such shapes. Hence, people should learn about all such shapes and at least learn a few basic formulas. This will help them to solve problems quickly and easily. There are many shapes, in this article we are going to discuss parallelograms. We will also learn methods of calculating the area of parallelogram

Parallelogram: One of the shapes, that we frequently encounter in our life is a parallelogram. It is a two-dimensional shape. We can say that a parallelogram is a quadrilateral that is bounded all over by parallel sides. Opposite sides of a parallelogram are always equal and also parallel to each other. One may think that parallelogram is a single shape, but that’s not correct. Further classification of a parallelogram gives us three types. Square, rectangle and rhombus are the three classifications of a parallelogram, and all three have their unique properties. A parallelogram has four sides and also the same number of corners.

Parallelograms have a lot of properties. Let us discuss a few of them. In a parallelogram opposite sides are equal. That means out of the four angles two angles opposite to each other are of equal value. Diagonals of a parallelogram follow a special condition, and that is they always bisect each other. Also, we get two congruent triangles when diagonals divide a given parallelogram. Two-dimensional figures have two important formulas that are of great importance. Area and perimeter are the formulas that everyone should know. 

The perimeter of a parallelogram gives us the total length of the figure. It is very easy to find one just need to know the length of all the sides. Sum of all the four sides of the parallelogram will give us the perimeter of the parallelogram. It should be noted that we can calculate the perimeter of a parallelogram if only two sides are known to us. This is possible because the opposite sides are of equal length in a parallelogram. Let the base of the parallelogram be of length b, and the smaller side is of length a. Then, the perimeter is given by 2(a+b). Students should remember this formula to solve problems easily. 

Area of a parallelogram: The area of a parallelogram is something that everyone should be able to calculate. The area of a parallelogram gives us the area covered by it. Let us discuss in detail how to calculate the area of a parallelogram. Let the base of the parallelogram be denoted by b, and the height of the parallelogram be of length h. Then the area of the parallelogram is given by the product of base and height or we can also say that b*h will give us the area of the parallelogram. Hence, we conclude that if we know the length of height and the base of a parallelogram. We can calculate the area easily. 

In the above article, we have tried to cover all the points related to parallelogram and area of parallelogram. It is crucial not only for students but for everyone to have a good hold on all the operations related to this shape. Students should practice questions on finding the area of the parallelogram. If anyone faces any difficulty in learning about parallelogram or any other topic related to mathematics, they should take help from Cuemath. Cuemath is an online platform that provides quality education to students. They have great teachers to explain every concept in detail. Many students have already benefited from it. Every student should learn from Cuemath and remove the fear of mathematics. 

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