Trump’s US: China Spend $600 Billion To America’s Economy

China Spend $600 Billion

Due to COVID-19 outbreak, many countries economy has been fallen. It is the great destruction of the countries economy. So, China Spend $600 Billion To To America’s Economy.

This week it is reported that China decided to spend 600$B on Trump’s America Economy. 

The China President name XI Jinping decided to China Spend $600 Billion And more than four trillion yuan to the US economy which is reached to destruction. In 2009 and 2008, China faced the problem of “Lehman Stock” then Beijing spent 4 trillion yuan to China’s economy. It’s very similar to each other. Th help from Beijing worked and China improved its economy fastly and save from falling. It was the big thanks to Beijing to help China in that situation. 

China Spend $600 Billion
China Spend $600 Billion

In 2009, China did many projects to develop its economy and China was developing it approx 8.7% from different big or small projects such as making highways, constructing bridges, ports, and much more.

China has faced that situation and got through it. Now China is familiar with the US condition, so he did the same as Beijing did for China in back. President Xi did the same for America. When China observed the economy of the US has damaged badly, From the last day, the Xi declared to spend approx 600$B to America’s Economy by developing the strategy of construction different areas like airports, railways, and power station China Spend $600 Billion. 

America’s economy is going hard day after day and the Senate Majority Leader McConnell said: 

“We are trying our best to going out form this outbreak situation.”

President Xi’s govt spent trillions of dollars on the project “Made in China 2025”. even China is being forced to pit effort on the future upcoming advanced technology of AI, automation, micro-processing, robotics, self-driving, and Trump agreed for China. Now it’s possible for China that they will come out in 2025 as it is growing globally.

Xi’s grip on the state is very slow from the economy. He promised once about the market advancement and asked to market to act in decision making and 7 years, they have just got a small grip. Now China’s biggest banking system continues to allot 10$ trillion to capital.

Everywhere in the world has been seen that China was the origin of this COVID-19. and they hand over this outbreak to America’s President. After control on the Coronavirus, China must do accounts of it. So China had to spent that relief for the US for their economies betterment.

The United States may wish that they could reconstruct their changing reality. The reality in which McConnell and Trump focused a Marshal Strategy just to make the US a developing nation. So China bets to spend 600$B on the United States Economy to revive its growth China Spend $600 Billion

President Xi just trying to get out of this outbreak situation and to help the other countries.

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