Trump’s Election Polls

Trump’s Election Polls battleground was filled with so many opposition parties to take the seat of White House from Trump. Donald Trump, the President of the US is very sure to have a seat again. Interesting!

This Poll race is fluid there is still place for movement 53% of democratic-leaning voters say they would consider supporting a different candidate. Trump has got many percentages from different cities Polls. 

Bernie Sanders seems to be the receiving end of a lot of momentum both nationally and Iowa. But especially in Iowa because Bernie Sanders has got clear messages with too much experience as a candidate. While Joe Biden in the Poll seems to be hanging tough nationally at the very least but could be in for a heavy week because the Republicans, the Defenders of President Trump, and the Senate trial are gonna b talking about the Biden’s a lot during the impeachment trial. But in the last Polls, Biden has proven himself steadily.

Can we say that Trump could be scared of them?

Trump’s supporters say current Democrats can’t beat Donald Trump. There are more Democrats in the State but they got zero percentage in polling.

Even your own Poll shows you are Behind right now said by the Interviewer to Donald Trump;

Trump stated;

“No, nobody shares those polls because that kind of Polls doesn’t exist. My Poll shows that I have been winning everywhere.”

It seems like Trump is very sure and Confident in winning the Trump’s Election Polls. So if you look at the Polls between Biden and Trump, you will predict something.

Biden has 49% while Trump has 45% from all Nevada Polls. New York has also done with two average polls 59% by Biden and 31% by Trump. In Montana Polls, Biden gains 40% and Trump gains 45% from Trump’s Election Polls. IOWA gives Biden 46% while to Trump 48%. IOWA is very lucky for Trump.

So if you look step by step, you will get to know about the percentages;

1 Pennsylvania polls – 49% to Biden and 42% to Trump from an average of 5 polls.

2 Michigan – 48% to Biden and 40% gained by Trump from an average of 3 polls.

3 New Hampshire – 50% to Biden and 42% to trump. 

Woohoo! Biden has got the lucky one.

l Utah – Biden got 32% and 51% by Trump and Utah has proven to be lucky to Trump from a recent poll.

l Washington – 52% for Biden and 39% for Trump. This time Biden got the chance to grow up.

l Virginia – Biden gets 51% and Trump gained 41% and it is only the 10% margin between them.

President Trump, even verified in some speeches that the 2k20 race will have the slogan and it will be “Keep America Great and Promises Made promises Kept.”

Even Trump predicted in 2k18 that the VP of the US would be the Mike Pence in 2k20. Trump and his state are fully prepared and motivated that they will gonna take the White House again.

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