Trump Polls 2020: Will Trump win this time?

Trump Polls 2020

As you all know Coronavirus has been spread everywhere in the world. It damages all the economies of affected countries due to lockdown. When there is a conversation about all countries, how can you forget about the US where Trump Polls 2020 has a hold on White House and couldn’t do anything for his economy to maintain the trust of his nation upon his Political Party.

Now the US Polls for the President seat is the biggest challenge for Trump in this Pandemic situation. According to the present condition of the United States, President Donald Trump could face a historic ending in this year, if he does not do anything for the economy’s improvement. It will be very difficult for Trump in the upcoming days.

Everyone is making the predictions related to Trump and Oxford Model predict ed the same that he might lose to Democrat Joe Biden by a big margin of 65% to 35%. This margin will get through the political forecasting work of Yale economist Ray Fair.

It seems to be bad luck for Trump for now.

Is it bad for Trump? If you look back in 1912 William Howard Taft was the last president won by 35% votes which is very minimum. He defeated Woodrow Wilson and Theodore Roosevelt at that time. But now according to this situation, maybe Trump Polls 2020 could win this Election which will gonna held in November 2020.

But many political parties have seen the economic rank and oxford Model do the same including the unemployment rate and many more which is decreasing the economy. They figured out, the jobless percentage is about 20% in just 3 months and it is predicted to drop again 10% before elections. 

But before this virus outbreak, Donald Trump had a chance to win again easily by 55% of the vote. Now the time has changed more rapidly and Mr. President is now in big trouble for his party.

Many predicted forecast is happening nowadays and many are done by Oxford Model. But it’s important to verify the predictions given by the Oxford Model as they have given the wrong predictions in 1968 and 1976. Previously, they predict that Trump Polls 2020 will be defeated by Hillary Clinton in 2k16 in Electoral College but the result was opposite to it.

It’s very important for the two opponents to have the votes less than 40% to win. But what action could save Donald Trump from Historic Defeat? It’s obviously the rapid growth of the US economy in less time during pandemic days as Trump has no more time till November.

Let's get back to work and other commentary

Oxford Model stated;

“Trump can win and its winning point is to recover his state from Coronavirus rapidly and make it a strong one in less time. It will give some hope to Trump.”

The Polls are showing that Trump is losing to Biden and not only this but Trump is also losing his support from senior politicians also which is damaging Trump’s state badly. 

But Donald Trump and his top White House advisers have been predicting a strong recovery from this Damage.

Reflecting on my year in Oxford | Otago Daily Times Online News

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