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Travel with a baby for the first time: what to pack with me

Deciding what to pack for your baby on his first trip can be challenging.However, with a great checklist sheet, you are guaranteed of an easy and fun travel.

Traveling with a baby for the first time presents unique challenges. This is because babies require a lot of gear such as newborn baby clothes, and gathering everything they need in ensuring their comfort can be a daunting task, especially for first-time parents. Whether on-road or by air, it is vital that all essentials are packed, to ensure their survival, and enjoyment of the journey.

It’s not surprising that, for such tiny people, they eventually end up taking significant packing space! Besides the normal day to day items, additional change of clean newborn baby clothes, diapers, feeding bottles, nipples, their formula, various playing toys, medicines and anything that the little one might need must be carried along.

The exact items to be packed will largely depend on the type of journey you are embarking, the duration of the journey, the place you would be staying, and finally, how long will be gone. For instance, you will require different set of things when visiting close friends and family in contrast to visiting a remote island resort. The same also applies to the mode of travel. Driving to your destination would present different challenges to traveling by air.

When packing in readiness to travel, here is passport and visa photos online checklist you need to use to make sure that all baby’s essentials are properly packed, for a memorable and fun travel.

A diaper bag

Flying will mean that your diaper bag would undergo thorough TSA screening. To hasten up the process, make sure all liquids are properly packed in a plastic bag and kept at the top of your carrier bag. Also, make sure you do not carry any contraband items.

Baby’s food and utensils

When the baby has already started eating solid foods, make sure you pack enough food in his carrier, plus extra meals in case of unavoidable delays.


If your baby wears bibs, make sure to bring at least two sets with you.

Baby blankets

Ensure to pack two to three blankets with you. You can also have two on the baby and keep an additional pair in your bag.

Bottles and nipples

When your baby use baby bottles for feeding, having extra sets is the least you can do for the baby.


Here, pack two different outfits in gallon size bags. With two bags, you can pack the soiled ones into one bag after changing your baby.


These are the most important baby items but also easily forgotten when traveling. To avoid leaving them behind, ensure you pack them with the baby’s cloths.


The TSA permits formula, breastmilk, and juices for the little ones but in reasonable quantities. It is good to pack the liquids separately in a plastic bag for easy screening. Pack enough baby servings plus additional in case of delays.

Hand sanitizers

Since May 2020, the TSA permitted each passenger to carry on one container of liquid hand sanitizer. However, larger quantities would have to undergo separate screening, so make sure to factor in the extra time in screening. It is best to pack them in a separate bag, advisable on an easy-open zipper, to hasten the process.

With these essentials at hand, you can be assured of easy travel. The goal should be ensuring an easy and comfortable time for your baby as well as you.

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