Trading View: A Platform for Trade Guidance

In modern time, where online trading is not such a big deal with the help of trade guidance platforms; TradingView is a platform recommended by Traders Union for development and testing of trading asset.

Moreover, it provides its users a platform where they can share their ideas, experiences and also get information by reading other traders opinions and experiences. It connects traders socially through which they can merge their trades with type of traders having same interests.

Why Trading View?

Trading View is best because of its reputation and providing an informative platform for knowing about trade. It offers more than 30 languages so language is not a problem for many traders. There are 13.6 million registered users and over 31 million live charts for trading purpose. Through which traders get assistance.

Moreover, they publish over 5.7 million trade ideas. So now you can understand the reliability of the source and guidance provided by Trading View. That means traders have freedom of opinions and merging with traders of their interest.

Services Offered By Trading View:-

Trading View offers different genre of services to facilitate their users like creating business idea, sharing views and tools for testing trading system. Here is the detailed view of these services:

Starting point for trading:-

If you’re a beginner and want to start trading, Trading View assists you to your destiny through providing information regarding ideas and technical tools. It provides article by different authors so you can follow these articles for making right decision.

Updates Regarding Markets:-

Trading View provide different market information to their users. It helps traders to keep their selves update about the market situation and choose the correct time for investment and make accurate decisions.


Traders can access hundreds of scripts and articles by different authors. These articles are based on information from different channels like books, valid websites, newspapers etc. These articles guide traders for trading.


 Screener is a tool in Trading View portal through which traders can make a list of different assets and rank them in accordance with spread. It consist of three options: Forex assets, stocks and crypto currencies

How to Sign Up For Trading View?

You can get familiar with trading view from the services provided on their portal. You simply can check and get knowledge about this portal without signing in. If you want to get in; trading view offers their users free trial of 30 days. In this period you can access some more features and after that trading view provides different kind of subscriptions like: Basic, Pro, Pro+ and Premium accounts.

How A Trader Can Invite Private Person On Trading View?

There are two ways to invite a third person on the portal:

  • A trader can bring a friend to the portal and if he already signed in for a paid subscription he gets reward of 30$ in the form of coins for introducing others with this portal.
  • Another way is to send a referral link to other person through which he can join the portal. 30% commission received to a person from all payments made by referral.

Can A Trader Get Bonus From Trading View?

Trading view doesn’t provide any bonuses directly, trader can get 30 days free trail and after that they can purchase 1 month or 1 year subscription for advance features.

Closing Remarks:

Trading View is the best choice for novice through this platform trader make decisions about choosing their business and investments. Also there are many services like: published broadcasts, list of brokers, quotations from authors, saving time, and charts etc.

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