Top Warehouse Trends in 2020

2020 is the time to gear up for the upcoming year with new ideas and plans that can enhance your business productivity and efficiency. While we know warehouse management plays a crucial role in the supply chain of any e-Commerce company or business. Sellers ignore staying up to date with the modern trends that keep them ahead of the game. Implementing technology like warehouse management system software, 3PL software  is going to be the most price-effective and rapid way to raise the efficiency of warehouse operations. Warehouse management technologies are growing by leaps and bounds. In this article we will take a look at some of the top 3PL Melbourne management trends that are making a huge impact:

Wearable Technology

Wearables such as the iOS barcode scanner, may be worn on the wrists and fingers are an impressive warehouse technology will rock warehouses in 2020. Small devices such as Fitbits, when worn by workers, allow for business owners to monitor the movements of their workers about the warehouses and the operation of automated equipment or vehicles.

Birth of Autonomous Machines

In 2020, the use of automatic guide vehicles (AGVs) is growing rapidly, with extra businesses using them to manage their inventory effectively. The demand for inventory-carrying robots, stackers, forklifts, and pallet trucks is high. With smart robots like Fetch and Kiva gaining more popularity, it’s now simple to get work done effectively in warehouses.

Using Millennial Management

The advanced change of hands from the Boomer generationto the Millennials is improving the way warehouses are managed. There’s evidence to suggest that Millennials are using more advanced versions of logistics technology, diversity, and data analysis. The use of modern tools and technology such as smartphones is making it simple for Millennials to handle matters using tools such as virtual reality, cloud computing, and augmented warehouse management. Millennials are going to introduce more social and environmentally conscious warehousing technologies and tools.


The adoption of blockchain in warehousing procedures is going to improve the way companies handle contracts and payments. With smart contracts and payment processing systems, disputes will be minimized. Logistics companies will enjoy low transaction costs, scalability, transparency, and real-time access.

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is another one of the smarter technologies that will be added to the warehousing industry to boost inventory management and minimize costs. Cloud computing and apps ranging from processing to communication, as well as the Internet of Things, are going to transform the warehousing industry in a variety of ways. In the past, business operators didn’t think a lot about cloud computing and IoT as they capitalized on self-contained ecosystems. Since everybody needs to handle the supply chain and effectively track packages, warehouses are now connected to every facet of the supply chain.

Technology for Employee Experience

To help increase productivity and decrease levels of workplace fatigue, many warehouses are focusing on implementing technology that helps improve the experience of their workers on the floor. By investing in technology to help make workers’ work simpler and more effective, warehouses can help boost morale and engagement among team members.

Further Warehousing Technology Includes:

Mobile Technology

Warehouses can offer mobile technology to allow workers to quickly and efficiently scan shipping labels, manage inventory as well as update picklists from anywhere.

Voice Technology

Voice technology can greatly improve communication among team members and warehouse managers. It permits team members on the floor to get in touch with managers by using tools like microphones, headsets, and wireless computers.

Warehouse Management Systems

With the ever-increasing influx of packages, it may be harder to manage inventory and be sure that all products are being shipped on time. Warehouse management systems can provide simple access to warehouse info, can point out areas of inefficiency, and help streamline operations.

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