Top Stylish Casual Work Outfits for the Office

Dressing for work is equal parts tricky and easy.

It’s tricky because you want to satisfy your inner fashionista, but you also don’t want to break the rules of your office. It’s easy because once you find the perfect balance, you won’t have to worry about not nailing your office look day after another.

Whether you are just starting your newest job and want to make a solid impression, or a complete pro who has years of experience up her sleeve – a little bit of fashion inspiration could never go wrong. To solve your fashion woes, we have listed some of the most stylish yet casual work outfits that you can wear with your outfit.

Just issue a warning in advance to your office mates to be prepared to be bowled by your style, and the rest you can take care of with your intellect and work ethic!

Embrace the denim

Denim can instantly make you appear casual but, still helps you look sophisticated making it office-appropriate. The only catch for the latter is styling the piece correctly.

You can team up long denim skirts with white shirts or sharp blazers to get your style noticed. However, you should avoid denim pieces that feature too much fading detailing, have holes or rips, or are way too embellished. Look for classy pieces in a dark wash and that has been carefully tailored.

In fact, we would also suggest that you check the suitability of the piece with your footwear. Whether you are wearing durable work boots or classic pumps, footwear should always be taken into account because they are an important part of your style!

Smart jumpsuits

Jumpsuits, if styled carefully, can be the perfect casual workwear piece. You can team your jumpsuit with either shirts, blazers, or a cardigan to add that touch of formality.

Think well-tailored, long-sleeved jumpsuits in a navy blue, black, or white color – whatever you would prefer more. Remember, structuring is very important because otherwise, it can look a bit too casual which may set off your boss. So, whenever you are wearing your favorite pair of jumpsuit, keep a blazer or a shirt in hand.

Patterned power suit or pantsuit

Pantsuits need not be restricted to only the male gender. Females can also wear this apparel style to work if they want to ditch the predictable skirts and dresses.

If you’re feeling bolder and more willing to experiment, you can ditch the typical black tailored suit and play with different patterns. Think stripes, florals, tartan prints, etc to add a bit of spice to your office wardrobe. Like always, the tailoring of suits is important to ensure you look sleek and pack a punch.

You can team your suit with long overcoats in the winters or simply stick to a light breezy t-shirt to keep you comfortable during the warmer months.

Midi skirts with turtlenecks

This one, right here, is our absolute favorite casual office wear look. Look for solid colors in bright hues for that bit of cheer. This can be yellow, red, or green. Even a bit of pattern can be used as well such as an Aztec print or trusty florals.

During winters, you can opt for chunky sweaters half-tucked in your skirt or, long overcoats well.

Pair these with midi skirts to get a polished and sophisticated look. This pairing embodies a chic and sophisticated style no matter the season.

We highly recommend using a bright, solid color for that bit of pop for either the turtleneck or skirt. Finish the look with mules or pumps.

Dresses, the day to night kind

Dresses are always a safe option when it comes to getting ready for the office. Not only are they extremely practical, but are also quite versatile when it comes to styling.

Opt for multipurpose designs that feature modern detailings such as a corset, asymmetrical headline, or a minimal embellishment. Now, don’t select pieces that have too much going on as it can look dressy instead of casual. Stick to breezy dress colors such as pastels or soft shades.

In addition to this, carefully choose the material of your dresses as well. Silk and chiffon are dependable favorites that will instantly make you look more formal without compromising on the feminine style.

Cropped pants with basic t-shirts

Cropped pants look incredibly chic and casual. They will help you stay comfortable and mobile throughout your tenure while also helping in score high marks when it comes to effortless style. 

However, since you want to channel a casual vibe while dressing up for the office, instead of teaming these pants with stuffy shirts, we’ll suggest opting for a-shirts. Go for a basic t-shirt instead of a graphic one to still be in tune with your office regulations with regard to appropriate wear. You can finish with either a blazer or jacket to keep you protected from the elements. 

You can also wear flats with this look. Think moccasins, ballet flats, or riptides. Again, just like your t-shirt, your footwear should also be simple and minimalistic instead of being too flashy with heavy embroidery or stud detailing.

Work the monochrome magic

Monochrome is the perfect office wear palette. A bit of black and white can never go wrong and hence, you will always be on point.

What we are asking you here is to experiment a little.

Team your crisp, white button-up shirt and tie them up with black flare-y pants. Always tuck the shirt in before you leave for work. This combination can seriously never go wrong and hence, is a must-have in the wardrobe of every working woman.

You can add a bit of drama by opting for shirts that have statement elements. This can include puffer or buxom sleeves, pussycat bow neckline or even subtle appliqué patching. We highly recommend sticking to classic black pumps or heels (at least a 3-inch) when selecting footwear.

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