Top Healthy Takeout Ideas for When You Can’t Decide What to Eat

Are you trawling the depths of your takeout options? Are you exhausted from not being able to choose your meal? A takeout should be a treat, not a chore, but it can be difficult to make your mind up, especially if a world of culinary excellence is right at your fingertips. 

Sometimes, opting for a healthy option is the best way to go, and what’s better than healthy and delicious at the same time? 

If you need some help deciding on your dinner, or you don’t know which kind of healthy foods are even worth watching out for, here are some top suggestions you might want to think about. 

Vegan Gastropub Burgers

The burger is a staple of home delivery dining, yet it’s not usually the healthiest option in all fairness. 

A gourmet plant-based burger could be the ideal alternative for those of you looking for a healthier takeout experience. 

If you want the delicious indulgent takeout experience, but don’t want to face the moral conundrum of eating tons of red meat, this is surely a winner. 

Plus, your body will likely thank you for going for the healthier option afterwards, so why not hop online and search take out food near me to get started? Otherwise, you might be stuck deciding forever. 

A Buddha Bowl 

Why decide on one single takeout delicacy when you can have a whole buddha bowl full of tasty goodness? 

This can allow you to build your own healthy extravaganza any way you want. This might be a good way to go for those of you who can’t make your minds up about what to eat. 

They’re trendy, light, cost-effective, and of course, delicious, making them a top treat for many takeout enthusiasts all over the world be it breakfast, lunch or dinner. 

Taco Salad

You may not necessarily think of the popular Mexican delight as a super healthy takeout choice, but with a few alterations, it can be just as delectable, and good for your body. 

By swapping out the shell and transforming the taco into its Tex Mex salad form, you can tuck right in to a low-carb taste pageant for your mouth to enjoy.

Electing to go for a version that sports a plant-based taco meat substitute instead of the less healthy ground beef could further enhance the health factor too. 

Taco salads have been a cornerstone of Tex Mex cuisine for hundreds of years, and plenty of places serve them with pride, so keep your eye out for this classic. 

Katsu Curry

The scrumptious Katsu curry is full of nutrients and a far more impressive dish than the standard takeout order. 

Swapping out the chicken (sorry purists) for a plant-based variant could help you cut out meat and make it even healthier. Plus, the sauce usually contains a wealth of tasty and fragrant ingredients like turmeric, ginger and sometimes even maple syrup!

There you have it, a list to be getting on with for helping you break free of the indecisive takeout rut you’ve found yourself in. 

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