Top Games that Won’t Make You Bored

Playing video games is one of the most popular ways to pass free time. In case you have a lot of spare time, and you are looking for some great games that will capture all your attention and force you to think about nothing but winning, your search ends here. 

GRIP: Combat Racing

It is an intense racing game where you should take care not about cars ahead of you but also watch your back. Playing this game, you will get a new racing experience. GRIP will bring you to the future with impressive racing tracks. 

You will be able to choose between wheeled and airborne vehicles. You will also be able to equip your car with heavy firearms to smash your opponents and become the first. Also, don’t forget to protect your car to survive in a hardcore battle for the first place.

Death Stranding

It is a trendy game that is definitely worth your attention. Starting this game, you will play as a hero of the future world. You will need to connect the divided parts of the world by delivering packages.

However, the future world is full of dangerous creatures that you need to avoid or fight. Also, no man’s land is full of attackers who want to kill you and get all your packages. The game will also impress you with stunning graphics and amazing gameplay so that you won’t get bored even for one second.

Beyond The Wire

Do you want to participate in fights on the Great War frontlines? If so, download this game. It is a multiplayer game that will bring you into muddy and bloody trenches with the WW1 weapon. Every battle can gather up to 50 players on each side. Each battle is a tense fight with a rain of bullets. 

To survive, you will need to move carefully as enemies can expect you after any corner. You will also need to shoot aptly as the WW1 firearms cannot send 10 bullets a second.

Grand Theft Auto V

It is a perfect choice if you don’t like following a game’s plot. Playing this game, you get comprehensive freedom in your actions. You will be able to play for one of three heroes. Anyway, all of them have problems with the law.

Feel free to explore the city, interact with people, and complete missions to earn some money. However, the game doesn’t forbid players to get them what they want by using violence. Playing GTA V, you can hijack cars, rob people, purchase illegal firearms, and use them toward police. However, you will need to be well-equipped to withstand well-armed police officers.

Also, there is a multiplayer mode where you can play with other players. Joining a public game, you should be ready for really tough competitions with other players who don’t respect the law and ready to kill and loot you.

Dota 2

This online game will take all your attention as every second matter in Dota 2. It’s one of the most popular online video games. It gathers two teams with five players in each, on the map. The game offers a large variety of heroes. If you pick a new character every match, you will be able to play 115 rounds with new heroes every time. Moreover, the developers release frequent updates that bring new players to the game. 

Each character has a particular set of skills that should be gained during a game. To improve your character, you have to kill enemies and loot them. Also, you need to keep an eye on the map to assist your teammates.

Dota 2 online tournaments are extremely popular and gather a lot of viewers. Also, people make bets and win money supporting their favorite teams. If you want to try yourself in gambling, explore the top betting on starcraft 2 sites to find the best platform for you.

Battlefield V

This video game will drive you to dive into the virtual fights of the WW2 frontlines. Battlefield V is the latest game of the series. It has enticing graphics and well-thought-out gameplay. 

You will be able to use any weapon from a handgun to a flamethrower. Also, you can fly on a plane, drive vehicles, and participate in tank-battles. The game will show you all sides of the war by bringing you to the frontlines in Africa, France, Norway, and the Pacific.

Also, there is a multiplayer mode. Therefore, you can gather your friends and play Battlefield V together. Public matches are even tenser so that you will have no time to get bored. 

Bottom Line

Playing each of the video games from the list above, you can lose track of time. To not spend all-nighters behind your desktop, always set a timer on your smartphone that will notify you when to stop playing. Remember, your mind should be fresh to achieve new goals in your favorite game. Therefore, you should always have a good and healthy rest.

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