Top Cryptocurrency Fraud Websites List To Avoid And Their Review

Cryptocurrency is one of the most famous trades happening all over the world. People are more interested in earning money by investing in cryptocurrencies. But, there are also a few fraud companies that are trying to cheat investors and snatch all of their money. Below in this article, we are going to share the reviews of somecryptocurrencyfraud companies so that you can stay safe while investing online.

  1. 0Chain Reviews

Brokers like 0Chain should always be avoided if you want to invest your funds safely. 0chain has shown different scam properties like copying other brokers’ legitimate, non-regulation, and fake withdrawal conditions. So, investing in such websites is a total loss of money.

  • 0xcert Reviews

0Xcert is also an unauthorized cryptocurrency website using unfair and unethical means. Their regulations and terms of services are suspicious. Thus, this website is claimed to be fake.

  • 4DPN Network Reviews

Reviews about the 4DPN expose that they have used the wrong address on their website. Moreover, the team shown by the website is also fake as there is no existence of such a team in the company.

  • Reviews

The site’s owner didn’t give any details about him, and it is not known who owns this website. Therefore, investing in such a scam website is a total waste of time and money.  Even this site has not many visitors, and also it is not SEO-optimized.

  • Abeonacoin Reviews

The reviews about this website reveal that this company is stealing other websites’ identities and doesn’t have anything of their own. Even the team of workers shown is also fake as the website shows that team working in this company consists of 5 members, but none of them has any social media account.

  • Abulaba Reviews

The major issue with this website is that the white papers of this company are not submitted. This means that it is an illegal and unauthorized site.

  • Expocrypt Reviews

This scam website’s problem is that they freeze the user’s accounts and take all of their money.

  • Actinium Reviews

There are no company details provided on the website. Furthermore, they are posting fake job posts so that they can become famous and cheat people. 

  • Adrenaline Coin Reviews

They pretend that they are Dev andalso talk like them to get attracted to their website.

  1. Airbitclub Reviews

Different customers claimed that when they tried to withdraw money, there were so many hidden fees shown and the fees were 50% of the total money. Or sometimes, they won’t let you withdraw any money.

  1. Airborn Reviews

They scam people by sending emails that you need to pay the fee to withdraw your money. This way, they scam you by taking a fee and not giving your money. 

  1. Airfio Reviews

The scam did by this website is that they offered people to buy tokens and claimed that the price of the token would rise. But, this was a fraud scheme.

  1. AIZeus Reviews

The ownership details, popularity, location, and other details provided by the website are all fake. Besides this, the trust score created by collecting all the data claims that this is a fake website.

  1. ALL.ME Reviews

This website is also cheating people by not letting them withdraw money, and they are un-licensed and fake.

  1. Alphatech Reviews

Alphatech is also a well-known fraud company as many customers reported that they demand a huge fee for withdrawing only 50% of the payment.

Conclusive Remarks:

So, you can avoid these companies from making any investment. Hence, if you have faced a scam from any cryptocurrency websites, you can recover lost funds by filing a complaint against themthroughBroker Complaint Alert!

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