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Top Benefits of Bathroom Waterproofing That Everyone Should Think

Have you ever felt the horror of water dripping through your bathroom ceiling? If anything goes wrong with your bathroom, you can realise that a disaster is coming soon. When remodelling your bathroom from bathroom renovation Toronto, you end it wiry choosing wall paint, wallpaper and tiles and other brick work. But do you know bathroom waterproofing is also necessary?

Waterproofing of your bathroom may increase the cost of the renovation project. But this is such a thing that can give you benefits for a long term. So, let’s see what are the benefits that you are going to have in your bathroom remodelling.

Stops dampness and mould growth

Waterproofing of bathroom is basically a barrier between the bathroom plaster, brick and tiles. Waterproofing is done on the top layer of the floor so that it can prevent water from seeping through the tiles. It helps to prevent the mould to grow underneath these surfaces.

Resist leakage

A single crack on your wall, floor or any gaps between the wall and bath can cause dampness immediately in the floor or in the ceiling. This no doubt creates an unpleasant ambiance in the house. Water finds here the way to lower ceiling and damage bulbs there.


Waterproof boarding not only resists leak and damp forming in the wall, but also it acts as a good insulator. Sometimes you may find that the bathroom wall is too cold specially in the winter months. This means your bathroom needs BTU or British Thermal Unit for heating it. You need extra cost to maintain it where waterproof boarding is cost effective way to keep your bathroom wall warm. If in case your bathroom roof is damaged you can hire professional roofing service Vaughan to repair your roof. 

Amazing bathroom option

Stud wall with waterproof board adds a designer touch on your bathroom. These studs can be wall hung toilet, concealed cistern, wall hung basin and more options. You can also choose shower tray for your bathroom that can leave a great impact just like the today’s open plan shower. The bathroom should be also designer something.


Condensation in the bathroom wall can be a reason of paint discoloration, mould grow up and wood decays. Apart from that, moisture accumulation creates heat transfer which is the reason of high energy bill and heat loss. The vapour from the damp wall bathroom got spread up in the adjacent rooms that affects the indoor air extremely and creates serious mold growth problem. Waterproofing of the bathroom is the easiest way to prevent this situation in your house.

Structural damage

In today’s weather all the houses need to be exposed in high level of humility. In that case, present moisture in the air damage the entire building. You can see the deferential effect in poorly ventilated area just like the inside corners, the joints of the house where walls and ceiling meet or in the area where the combination of high interior humidity and high moisture is present. As per the bathroom renovation Toronto these moisture related problems create considerable damage on your house.

Increases the property value

This is highly related with the property value. Proper bathroom waterproofing can create various options of modern amenities and styles to include in your bathroom model. Waterproofing of bathroom includes renovation of it by replacing the old fixtures and other old essential with new and modernized things. It adds a new and refreshing look on your bathroom easily. Remember, if the property is explored, people basically tend to focus on bathroom that is in new condition.

All these are super benefits of bathroom waterproofing. So, these are not enough to call a bathroom waterproofing expert immediately for bathroom renovation Toronto. You can also find a full bathroom waterproofing kit online, but this is always better to save your time, effort, money for near fu future.

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