Top 8 Things To Do In Kihei

Sun, sea, beach, wind, good food, and top-notch activities are the necessities for a wonderful beach holiday! Either solo, with a partner, family or friends, a good beach holiday is all you need to lift your spirits and bring some fun to your life! Kihei is one of the best places that will guarantee you a great time!

Kihei is a sunny coastal area with 6 miles of pristine beaches in the southwest of Maui. Located just 25 minutes from the Kahului airport, Kihei can be easily reached. This small city has a long list of exciting experiences for its visitors all year round! From nature lovers to adventure seekers, Kihei is a gem waiting to be discovered.

Here are the top 8 things to do in Kihei!

  1. Beach hopping

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Once you are in Kihei, a handful of pristine beaches are within your walking distance! Spend a whole day beach hopping and enjoying all beach activities such as swimming, snorkeling, having barbecue parties, playing beach games, and sunbathing. Some of the beaches near to Kihei are Charley Young, Kam I, Kam II, Kam III, Sugar Beach and Keawakapu.

Slather the sunscreen, put on your beach hat, and start walking from one beach to the other, appreciate the beauty of the pristine waters, and have a great time with your partner, family or friends.

  1. Snorkeling at Molokini Crater

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The Molokini Crater is famous and attracts a large number of visitors every year. With excellent visibility, calm waters, and unique marine life underwater, snorkeling at the Molokini crater will amaze you. Even for seasoned and avid snorkelers, this place will remain a vivid memory for a long time to come.

The crater is nicknamed as the Disneyland of Snorkeling and you will see why the moment you put on your snorkeling gears and jump into the waters.

  1. Whale watching in Kihei

Source: Redline Rafting

Since Kihei has a rich marine life, whale watching is another activity that you will enjoy if you visit Kihei from December to April. You can even see the magnificent animal from the shores of Kihei. But, what makes it even better is to get close and personal with them through a whale watching tour in Kihei.

Apparently, the whales migrate from Alaska to Hawaii every year during the winter months. A very common sighting during the whale watching activity in Kihei is the North Pacific Humpback whale.

  1. Surf all you want in Kihei

Source: Pride of Maui

Mention Hawaii and it is the picture of men and women riding the waves that crosses the mind in an instant. Well, it is the same for Kihei. Especially if you have never tried surfing before, the Cove surf break is the perfect place to try it out. The Cove is open to the public and you can always find an instructor to teach you how to surf.

The waters are shallow with minimal waves, so you do not have to be afraid of falling into the water. Once you have acquired the right skills, you can then go on to bigger waves to enjoy bigger surfs.

  1. Scuba diving in Kihei

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Naturally, since the underwater of Kihei is claimed to be pristine and unique, scuba diving is the best way to find out if it is as amazing as it is made out to be. Well, those who have scuba dived here attest to the greatness of Kihei as a wonderful scuba diving spot.

Since scuba diving is among the top things to do in Kihei, you will find top-notch instructors and tours. Some of the famous scuba diving tours cover spots such as Molokini Crater, St. Anthony’s wreck, Kihei to Makena, Pinnacle dive, La Perouse Bay, WWII Objects dive, Muck dive and a Coral Spawning dive.

  1. Kayak in the ocean

Source: Pride of Maui

Boasting unique marine life found nowhere else, Kihei is a wonderful place to kayak. If you are not interested in surfing, scuba diving, and snorkeling, kayaking will give you a calmer but equally adventurous playtime. Apart from marine life, you would also enjoy the views of Haleakala Crater, the West Maui Mountains, beaches, and underwater caves while kayaking in Kihei.

If you are lucky enough, you might get a glimpse of the Hawaiian sea turtles, Hawaiian spinner dolphins and Hawaiian monk seals.

  1. Enjoy a breathtaking sunset at Kamaole III Beach Park

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What’s next in the list after sea, beach, water activities? Relax with a beer while enjoying the sunset, of course! A trip to the beach is never complete without enjoying a scenic sunset by the beach. Although you can get wonderful sunset views from anywhere in Kihei, the one at Kihei’s Kamaole III Beach Park is unbeatable.

So, head to the Kamaole III Beach Park the moment you see the sun going down, open up your beach chair or spread your beach blanket, grab a beer, sit back and enjoy Kihei’s sunset.

  1. Eat and drink to your heart’s content in Kihei

Source: Kihei Caffe

After all the activities, it’s time to fill your tummy with delicious Kihei local food. You can get hold of some of the best spam musubi, shave ice, ono grinds, kalbi ribs, poke bowls, and french toast. Apart from the amazing food, many restaurants and bars in Kihei offer a spectacular sea view and festive yet casual atmosphere that will make you feel at home.

Go bar hopping to find the best happy hour deal before you hit the bed! This is the perfect way to end your day in Kihei. You can find amazing cocktails, live music, and beers on the island here in Kihei.

Book Your Stay And Enjoy Your Holiday In Kihei

An island holiday can only be made better with a perfect stay. Wake up to the sound of sea waves and a view of the sea in Kihei. Choose an accommodation that will make you enjoy your holiday down to the smallest detail and you will have a wonderful story to tell.

Book your stay in Kihei with VRBO and enjoy affordable and top-notch accommodations during your island holiday!

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