Top 6 Korean Webtoon websites to Check Out great manhwa

Due to the demand of readers, the number of webtoons are sprung up all over the world. One of the most popular websites as far as we know is Korean websites. That flourish on many platforms such as Netflix help kind of this site grab global attention. Netflix is considered as the initial place that successfully turned Korean webtoons into K-dramas. The world is getting more modern day by day as well as the development of services like mobile phones, which help audiences easily access unlimited webtoons. As digital comic books have emerged as a popular medium, print publication, the amount of material published in webtoon form has now reached an equal amount as that published offline. Webtoon is an online web with the strong development of technology that allows readers to read anytime, anywhere. One helpful feature that makes webtoons different from offline sources is online systems have a comment section where readers can leave their idea. Do not forget that besides webtoon and manhwa, the game industry also contributes 30 billion dollars a year with famous titles such as ben 10 games, spiderman games, batman games, teen titans games … and they export content to global.

    Here comes several webtoon sites you can visit:

1 – Webtoon.Uk

    Webtoon.Uk is a subsidiary of Manycomic’s system, said to be one of the most developed story platforms in Korea. With its rapid development, Webtoon.Uk has created a story foundation with Spanish and French. Naver always puts readers and writers as well as their benefits to priority. With various content, Naverwebtoon has brought readers, especially young readers, to the world of comics and immersed themselves in it.

    Some best webtoons on Webtoon.Uk you may know

• The Sound of Your Heart

• Misaeng

• Tower of God

2- Freecomiconline.me 

    Freecomiconline.me is a magical space where ideas transform into contents. It is a subsidiary of Manhwa.info. It is not easy for users to have an account, you need to have a ID. That is the reason why most of their users are based in Korea. If you are outside of Korea you will need to download Webtoon app and set up an account and link your Apple ID so you can pay through Apple. Known as the first story platform in Korea, Freecomiconline.me has a huge collection of manhwa, manhua, webtoon, manga that allows readers to access it for free. Despite its strength, Freecomiconline.me is still developing and searching for them a new website. Freecomiconline.me is home to non-mainstream genres which draw a huge attention from the audience. 

    Some best webtoons on Freecomiconline.me

• Itaewon Class

• The Breaker: New Waves

• Can’t see can’t hear but love

3 – Readfreecomics.com

    Readfreecomics.com is quite popular with the fastidious audience or for the beginner. It is a webtoon manhwa platform that hosts a variety of webtoons of various genres, which is updated every week, very convenient for readers. Just log in, the reader will get free access as well as receive trial episodes. This is also known as one of the few sites that offer 18+ stories.

    Some best webtoons on Toomics

• Supernova

• Super Rich

• His women’s University

4 – Manhwa.info

    2013 is known as the year that Manhwa.info flourished. Manhwa.info operates a business model which is different from other regular story pages. Manhwa.info allows readers to read stories for free but they have to wait or pay to read newer chapters. This is a smart strategy that has helped Manhwa.info profit with amazing numbers. 

Some best webtoons on Manhwa.info

• Bastard

• The Beginning After the End

• Solo Leveling

5 – Lightnovel.mobi

    Lightnovel.mobi is a webtoonmanhwa with a large network, not only operating in Korea, but also spreading throughout the US and Japan. Lightnovel.mobi is very focused on nurturing writers, so they often hold many contests to bring the best webtoon, manhwa, light novel, web novel to audiences worldwide. Its categories are very varied, especially adult-themed such as BL series. 

Some best webtoons on Lightnovel.mobi

• A Guy Like You

• The Lady and Her Butler

• Vampire Heart

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