Top 5 ways you can read manga comic

Have you ever heard about manga? It is a Japanese comic but in the US lots of people like it. So many people are looking for a way to read it, so are you one of them? 

Relax because you are at the right place today, we will show you the top 5 ways you can read manga comic which will be legal as well. 

A few years ago, comics were even not available digitally. But the time is now changed because technology has made things easy for us so.

Is it easy to read manga comics?

When we talk about manga comics, I find it difficult to read because these comics are in the Japanese language. Now, the time has been changed. You can easily read comics or manga on websites and mobile apps, which are mentioned below.

So, what will be our next step? As we all know, there are some good and bad apps and websites. Most of them misguide you, and most of them give you a real solution. 

5 Best Sites You Must Visit To Read Manga Comics:

After a lot of research, we have found the best websites to read manga online. We have also explored some popular apps as well through which you can easily read the manga.

In this article, we will discuss those sites and apps through which you can read your favorite manga comic, so let’s explore these sites and apps.

Bulu Manga

Bulu Manga is famous for providing high-quality comics and famous manga series. You can easily read manga, and also you can download it to read when you have no internet through Bulu Manga resources. The most important thing is it’s free of cost and does not irritate through cheap ads.

You can use Bulu Manga on your android or iOS. Just download it through play store or visit the website of Bulu Manga.

Comic Walker: 

Comic Walker is one of the best apps to read the manga. You can use it on the web. One of the largest publishers in japan is Kadokawa, and for its users, the company launched its own free comic reader online.

The app is very easy to use as you don’t need to sign up to use the app. Also, it has many creative features, such as notification function. You will get notified whenever they publish a new one. It also has a library you can save your favorite manga.

Book Walker

Book Walker is a platform that can be used in Web, Android, and IOS as well. You just need to download on your phone or open it on your PC. Book Walker is a unique store for digital and official comics in Japan.

Kadokawa first started book walker, but now every publisher is available in it.

You better use an app because it has many more features as well, which will definitely help you. Open the app and search for the publisher or authors and then pay the amount, and they will add it to your library.


Crunchyroll can be used in Android phones and PC, and also you can directly access it through the website. But it’s not free you need to pay 7$ for a month, but they give 14 days free access as well. 

You can read manga comics without any ads. They allow you to watch anime as well in one particular package.

Crunchyroll is highly recommended because they have many more comics so that you can get a lot of new comics as well. 

Also, they provide manga chapter as soon as when it publishes in japan.

ComiXology and comiXology unlimited

This is one of the best for comic readers. Most people only use this because of the extensive collection of comics. It is much similar to Crunchyroll. It has two features: either you can buy an individual, or you can buy a group subscription as well.

You can easily use it in on your Android pc, windows, IOS, and macOS as well. But it’s not free of cost you have to buy it for 6$ per month. 

Also, it offers an extensive collection of new and old comics such as marvel, etc.

Shonen Jump 

One of the oldest manga book reading websites is Shonen Jump, which allows their user to Use its avatar as well. In the manga world, “WSJ” does not stand for the Wall Street Journal, it stands for Weekly Shonen Jump. WSJ was the beginning of lots of iconic manga.

 To get the free version, you always need to wait for about one week to get a new chapter, but if you buy its subscription, you will get thousands of new chapters of an ongoing series. 

You just need to pay 1$ for a whole month after 14 days free trial Shonen Jump can be used on your devices.

So, these are the apps and sites you should use to read manga online. Some of them are free, and some are paid. If you have a budget, then you must go for the paid ones. 

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