Top 5 War Movies To Enjoy This Weekend

People say that war does not bring any solution to human problems, sounds philosophical. Had this been the ultimate truth, the world could have been thoroughly different. 

We all have two selves, the peaceful and the authoritative! We all love to watch war movies. It might be that we want to counterbalance the stagnation of our peaceful minds with some destructive image. 

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Here we suggest some of the best war movies you would love to enjoy this weekend. So let’s start the discussion here to get a better understanding. 

War Movies To Watch This Weekend

This section contains some of the most influential war movies. Let’s see what they are.

1. Ran (1885)

The film is directed by Akira Kurosawa, one of the greatest directors of all time. Ran is the last samurai epic movie by the legend. 

This one is a Shakespeare adaptation of King Lear, which shows how an aged, kind emperor, in order to hand away all power to the sons and daughters, engaged in a brutal battle. 

The director aptly displayed the plight of an individual reduced from an emperor to that of a beggar. 

This movie will be best known for its portrayal of wars in a completely different approach, far removed from other war films. The movie definitely comes on the list of great war movies of all time.  

2. The Bridge On The River Kwai (1957)

The movie is considered the best war movie ever made. The movie was picturized on the backdrop of world war II. 

Here Col Nicholson, a British officer, took a risky project of erecting a bridge over the Kwai river for the sake of convenience and strategic edge over the enemies. He was not aware of the fact that the project which they were working on was intended to be destroyed. 

The movie will be remembered for its great picturization. However, the fine-tuned performance was not only a huge success commercially but also remained the most successful film. 

The film bagged 7 Oscar awards! The movie was so influential that it went into the reign of classic movies. 

3. The Platoon (1986)

The movies portray the romanticism of youth for war reduced to some stark realization. The movie, based on the bloody Vietnam war and its atrocities, was projected in a brilliant way. 

The film took its flow from being a complete war movie with the youth, driven by responsibility towards the nation who enlisted himself into the war, to a psychological thriller. 

But with the passage of the movie, they quickly realize that every life is important. The lives of the once unarmed are precious. He engaged in treating the people. 

The movie gradually turned from war to a psychological thriller. Undoubtedly one of the great war movies for sure!

4. Full Metal Jackets (1987)

This action movie was a great hit in the USA theaters. Directed by Stanley Kubrick and acted by Adam Baldwin and Vincent D’Ofrio, the movie shows the Vietnam war from a somewhat different perspective. 

The film portrays the horrific experience and emotional outbursts of people with mental instability. That ordinary recruiting people do not win wars but become canon fodder is shown through the movies. 

The film has a humane angle where the mental unwillingness to join the war is displayed. 

5. Hacksaw Ridge (2016)

Though the movie falls in the category of a war movie, it is rich in anti-war undertones. 

Here a young soldier, who served as a medic during World War II, risked his life to pull injured soldiers from the battlefield. 

Though he did not pull up guns, he displayed great gallantry in treating the injured people on the war front. There was an emotional touch to it that made the movie highly valued. 

Wrapping It Up

All the films discussed above are great in their own realm. However, these films are so thought-provoking that at the end of the day, you will think of Anti-War. 

But, actually, the ultimate objective of showing war atrocities is to go for peace. 

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