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Top 5 non-technical tips for your on-page SEO

 Not all the SEO grounds are tech-savvy for your on-page settlements. Sometimes all you need to do is stay simple and do it in a non-technical way. When you are creating a website, you must keep in mind that you are looking at all the aspects of SEO so that it can secure a higher rank on search engines.  Though the maximum of SEO audits related to your on-page setup is based on technical ground, the non-technical adjustments are equally important. So how do you do it quite easily? Here are five essential tips for you that you can apply to give your on-page SEO a swift success in no time. You can avail yourself of services from  SEO Agency to get the best non-technical on-page SEO audits. Here is how you do it.

  1. Make sure you are listed on Google Maps 

One of the most crucial non-technical on-page SEO adjustments includes preparing your site for Google Map optimization. Based on the type of your web inquiry and searches, you can pull up maps of your area. You can use it to add key information to your store. Adding up information like location, contact details, and hours of operation in Google Maps can give your site a much more effective SEO boost. You can do it easily using any of the suitable tools. If you are already on Google Maps, then make sure the information listed here is valid and accurate. You need to update this information over time to make sure your site is up-to-date. 

  • Take note of keywords you are using

How do you achieve success with your on-page SEO without keywords? The answer is you can’t.  Keywords are the soul of SEO optimization. Thus if you are working with benefiting your non-technical aspects for your on-page SEO, then this is the best way to do so. All you need to do is go for very valuable keyword research. Keywords that you are picking must have a higher potential to rank. At the same time, make sure you are using the best kind of tools that introduce you to highly relevant keywords.

  • Go for a face check of your website

Creating a website with all the features that you have heard or planned by looking at other sites may give you an online presence. But is it something that can be significantly visible among the crowd? Looking at your site may look good. But have you ever put yourself in buyer’s positions? If you haven’t, then do you now. Is your site impressive enough to convince your visitors to close a deal with you?  Check out all the possible areas starting from the design, layout, typography, decoration, responsiveness to anything else which a visitor is more likely to look at if they are visiting your site to purchase something. Going for a face-off is always important.

  • A good SERP snippet is needed

Apart from keywords, another non-technical optimization that you need to do is, creating a very attractive and effective snippet for your SERPs. A crisp snippet is directly linked to your website that briefly describes what you have written in your entire article. Apart from just copy-pasting a piece from your article, you can make your snippet more impressive by crafting it on your own. A nicely written piece of the snippet that describes your write-up with catchy words can make more visitors click on your link. So it is better if you do not miss it.

  • Be original with what you are trying to say 

People who are coming to visit your site will demand various things. But the only thing that should impress the audience most is the authenticity you are offering. Adding real author information to your site can attract a larger audience with a sense of credibility. Rather than just giving a one-liner, you can add an authentic bio that can attract more buyers. It will take you a bit much research on how you write an original-looking bio rather than a fake one that only uses fancy words.


So are you all set to try out some of the non-technical on-page SEO optimizations? Then the above-mentioned tips can give you a good direction to start. All you need to do is follow them properly and put your authenticity to what you are doing and what you want to reiterate on your site.

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