Top 4 Documents for Motorcycle Accidents to Show Your Lawyer

Motorcycle accidents are serious business because motorcyclists are 27 times more likely to get hurt in a collision than car passengers. Bikers ride on the road unprotected, which usually causes them severe damage. Due to the significance of motorcycle accidents, individuals who are the victim of collisions should seek legal counsel.

However, there are certain documents for motorcycle accidents that cyclists need to provide in order to substantiate their claims. Do you want to know what they are? Well, just keep reading.

1. A Police Report

One of the primary documents that you need to substantiate a motorcycle accident case is a police report. After a crash takes place, both passengers should call law enforcement. Their duty is to assess the scene, document the accident, and get help for any passengers who might be injured.

The police also investigate to determine who was at fault and if there was any negligence on behalf of the responsible party. This information is crucial to helping you win your accident lawsuit and properly get compensated.

2. Witness Statements

Statements from witnesses are a crucial part of the overall evidence. Even if the police investigate the accident, they weren’t there to see it. So any witnesses who can corroborate your claim are much needed.

If you can, speak to as many people around as possible and get their names and numbers for future reference. You may have to bring them in to testify on your behalf if your case goes to court.

3. Medical Records

One of the most important documents for motorcycle accidents is medical records. After getting hit by a vehicle, it’s essential that motorcyclists go to the emergency room. There could be tremendous damage done to their bodies on the outside or internally.

Many motorcyclists are prone to head injuries during crashes, and they often require the help of a brain injury attorney. Providing your lawyer with your medical records shows that you were hurt after the car accident, and it creates a medical trail documenting your injuries.

4. Photos and Videos

It’s imperative to take photos and videos after a motorcycle accident. Doing so helps to further substantiate your claim. Not only that, but if you can show the damage to your bike and other surrounding property, it testifies to the severity of the crash. When you are unable to recollect certain details, the pictures and videos tell the story for you.

The Proper Documents for Motorcycle Accidents

When it comes to providing documents for motorcycle accidents, it’s essential that you have all of your paperwork together. Luckily, most of the records that an attorney needs are quite easy to get ahold of.

But after a serious collision, you want to get a move on your lawsuit as soon as possible. If you have all of your documents on hand when opening your case, there shouldn’t be too many delays.

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