Top 10+ webtoon websites in 2021

Webtoon Manhwa provides us with enormous moments of fun and entertainment. These graphic cartoons take us and guide us through their vignettes to make us feel that we are within their history and that we are part of their characters. This literary immersion is getting more and more followers of reading, especially among children, youth and young adults (and without forgetting the adult).

Furthermore, given its dynamic nature, Manhwa can become a good educational resource. The fact of being able to reproduce stories and create them provides motivation to the teaching-learning process. There are many linguistic features that we can work on from dialogues, monologues, more colloquial expressions, among others. It represents a mixture of visual and iconic language that reconfigures our communication skills.

The internet is an ever-changing place. While webtoons started out imitating regular comic pages or newspaper strips, with the rise of mobile phones there came a new way to experience comics: the vertical scroll format of webtoons!

If you have ever wanted to follow a webtoon with Boys Love(BL) or manga with yaoi manga, but are confused to pick between making a typically printed page Manga or an online webtoon; or if you already have a webtoon manhwa and want to change it to follow different one, this article will try to give you some information you will need.

Now, if you don’t have a comic book to enjoy endless comics and you don’t want to stack boxes and boxes full of them, where can you see the webtoons manhwa and comics? So here i have made a list of top ten websites to find the best webtoon comics in the year 2020.

Here are the top 10 webtoon websites to read bl and yaoi online in 2021:

1: Lehzin.com

Lezhin.com was launched in 2013. It is one of the best webtoon platform run by Lezhin Entertainment. Lezhin has a diverse collection of 8000 titles. In 2018, It reported earnings of 10 million USD in the US market..

2: Webtoons.com

According to Webtoons.com, they tell their comic stories differently than other webtoon websites. You can find all kinds of truly great stories on their website.

3: Yaoi.mobi

Yaoi.mobi is a large manga and webtoon manhwa website with more than 6,000 titles and it is an American website managed by Manga Media Club. They operate in a community where they welcome creators to create and share their creativity and earn money.

4: Freecomiconline.me

Freecomiconline.me a rather uncommon website and webtoons comic app. They have thousands of free webtoons in black and white and color formats. Freecomiconline.me has more than 1500 unique Korean webtoons manhwa stories and full color with free webtoon coins that you can read webtoons manhwa for free without having to hack coins.

5: Manytoon Comics

Manytoon.com is a place for fans of Webtoon Hentai, Manhwa hentai & Manga Hentai. You can browse thousands of Free Comics Online. If you are a fan of adult comics, and you want to see all varieties of adult comics online manhwa, manga. This is heaven for you.

6: Naver Webtoon

This website(comic.naver.com) is known to be the father of all webtoons with over 70million traffic per month and this website is widely considered as the top webtoon website.

7: Readfreecomics.com

Readfreecomics.com is a website that provides a free collection of comics on their website. It is one of the great sites for readers and viewers to read free webtoon manhwa, manhua, and manga with many titles.

8: Boyslove.me

Boyslove.me is a unique website with a wide variety of webtoon series which you can sort according to the genre such as comedy, romance and adult series.

9: Freewebtooncoins.com

Free Webtoon Coins website provides free coins to view Manytoon, Lezhin, Tapas,  Toomics, and many more comics. They make their webtoon title list unique by bringing new webtoon titles every day to their collection.  You can watch and access many episodes for free.

10: Free Manga

Like Naver webtoon FreeManga.me webtoon is also considered as one of the front runners and oldest webtoon websites with more than 50millions users per month.

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