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Top 10 Sites To Buy Youtube Likes And Views 2021

Created initially in 2005, Youtube has grown to become one of the leading video-sharing platforms of the 21st century. Dominating the internet, Youtube has two billion active users around the globe, with one billion hours watched every day, claiming the rank of second-most popular search engine and social media platform after Google.

Apart from being an excellent platform to share videos and experiences with millions, it is equally effective in boosting businesses.

Usage of social media for marketing is not new, given its influence and role in people’s lives. Being a YouTuber or promoting one’s brand through the platform is an easy and profitable way ahead with both decent living and fame. But achieving those goals is not as simple with the increased competition on social media today. So what does one do?

Using sites to buy youtube likes, views, and other such services helps give you a head start at the race. What happens when you buy youtube subscribers or likes? Let’s have a look – 

  • It makes your videos look more credible to the audience.
  • Grabs audiences’ attention and creates traction.
  • A large number of likes and views boosts your search engine rankings.
  • It helps you track and manage marketing, with increased revenues.
  • Attracts the right audience for your content.

However, an important thing to consider while buying these services is to choose a reliable source. Many sites use bots for the task, risking the image and channel. Below’s a list of top ten sites to buy youtube likes one must consider –

Smrole claims to be one of the leading statistics companies globally and has more than two million satisfied customers. With a team of over 250 database experts, analysts, and editors, the site offers a fulfilling and safe service to all their clients, ranging from big businesses to much smaller brands. They let you buy likes and views at a reasonable rate, each with an active youtube account.

The site offers a high performance that is 100% safe with absolutely no risk of being banned or deleted. SMrole further provides attractive discounts on bulk orders. Fast and secure delivery of the ordered number of likes is promised. Smrole also has 24*7 online customer support, ready to resolve any of your queries and complaints.

Hassle-free and secure payment – Through their primary payment method is PayPal, they also feature various other payment options like VISA, Maestro, etc., and even direct transactions from debit/credit card.

Return policy – claiming to prioritize customer satisfaction, the site has a 100% money back within the first 72 hours( while the order hasn’t started). A partial or complete refund is also available within the first 30 days of order, in case the customer is not satisfied and an issue has been noted.


Offering one of the fastest delivery, Smcrazy is a reliable source to buy youtube likes for one’s business. They have quality service at an affordable price range and have fulfilled orders with satisfying results for many customers. It doesn’t matter what your needs are; the site has a wide variety of offers for every business type.

You can contact customer support on the site at any convenient time. Their customer care claims to resolve any queries and grievousness of the client as fast as possible.

For buying likes, simply choose the desired package and proceed to fill in details. The details list excludes any security details, making the process safe and secure. All you need is a username. After filling in the details, you need to pay and just sit back and watch as your youtube likes skyrocket.


For a company that’s been in the market for more than 15 years, Smdude sure is a pioneer in the field. The team includes 100 plus qualified individuals and professionals to provide completely risk-free and effective services.

Depending on your requirement of youtube likes, you can choose any one of their available packages. With no admin access in demand, merely putting in the channel to send the service will do the job. Their payment methods include PayPal or credit/debit card transactions. Once you’re done with the payment, the order is instantly processed and delivered.


Youtube is an extensively used social media platform to promote brands and products and increase the traffic on sites; BuyViews is a site entirely dedicated to the platform, offering various services like buying views, subscribers, comments, etc.

Keeping in mind the targeted audience for your brands and content, the site provides likes to boost your content in the right direction. By using real marketing techniques from their wide range of affiliates, BuyViews claim to generate any number of likes, views, subscribers, etc., within the specified time limit mentioned on their site.

Furthermore, the services are offered at some of the lowest prices across the market. Promising 100% customer satisfaction, the site also has a money-back policy if one is not happy with the service without any questions being asked.


With the increasing importance of Social media optimization, gaining traffic on sites and ranking the top on SEO in search engines like Google is not easy. The techniques and tricks are becoming as important as the quality of your content. The usage of fake likes or followers can severely affect your channel and maybe even get it banned in a worst-case scenario.

Getfollowersandlikes is one of those sites which uses 100% real and active to carry out the requested order. They build your customer base that is very much organic, eliminating the risk of looking skeptical to the authorities. Their campaigns do not violate the terms and conditions or rules of the platform like Youtube, making the whole process absolutely legal and efficient.

A complete white hat approach, affordable prices, top-quality services, and their focus on your content’s targeted audience make the site highly reliable and one of the best in the market.


More often than not, after buying a service, say youtube likes, the hike that one sees in the number of likes on the content gradually drops as time goes by. This is due to the fact that the AI keeps track of such processes and deletes bot accounts. It is also sometimes a technique used by the sites themselves for maintaining the clients rolling in. is among those sites which only use active and real accounts, further promising no drop in the number of likes ever. There is no delay in completing an order; as soon as you’re done paying, the likes will start showing up on your channel.

Though the site is not as pocket friendly as others in the market, the service is undoubtedly worth your money. A reputable source and constant boost are all you need to grow to fame and start earning from your youtube channel.


Usage of social media to promote brands and boost businesses is growing exponentially, with almost every brand today having a social media account or two. While platforms like Instagram are also useful, a video sharing platform like youtube works in several other ways than just putting your name out.

Many sites are affiliated with one or the other social media platform to increase traffic, but not Bucheapfollowers. They use a global network of social media agencies to create followers and proper accounts, securing the whole process.

The site provides the service within the first 48 hours of placing the order, never revealing or sharing their clients’ details under any circumstance. The site further does not need you to put in more information like passwords and sends a receipt after your purchase, ensuring personal security while using services.

Apart from safe payment methods like PayPal and credit/debit card transactions, the site is also visibly quick, efficient, and extra careful with its orders.

With a sustainable business model, the site has been in the industry for years now. They offer a long term service, with no drop in the likes and flowers after buying. They use real and genuine Arabic and other middle-east country accounts for the task, ideal for someone looking to target the audience there.

The site also features some of the lowest prices and various packages to choose from without compromising the quality. It is also really safe as they do not require you to reveal passwords and keep every other detail mentioned a secret. For any further query, the site has active customer support, ensuring a response within 24 hours.


You can start an auto-follower with just a click and even close your browser; the bot on the site ensures that everything is automatically running just fine. Directing the right audience for your business, the site prioritizes using only high-quality and genuine accounts.

You can expect the fastest response from their customer care at your disposal 24*7, as the site claims to have 10 minutes as their average time of response. The site is a top choice for many individuals and brands with guaranteed client satisfaction and safe & secure exchange of information and payment methods.

CONCLUSION Managing and boosting businesses online is getting tougher with the rise in the competition online. While it opens doors to endless opportunities for brands and companies, a popular video-sharing platform like youtube is also equally demanding of hard work and patience. Buying services from the reliable sites mentioned above gives you a head start at this race, boosting your chances of reaching your goals quicker.

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