Top 10 eyewear trends of 2020

The lockdown is almost over and we are all set to walk into the new season in fashion. The new glasses collection includes both retro classic designs and fresh experimental styles. Before we move on to the hottest trends of the season, here is how you can find the right frame according to your face shape:

  • Glasses for a round face: Round faces generally have softer angles with wide and uplifted cheekbones. They look best in frames with sharp and bold angles like rectangular glasses or new geometric glasses.
  • Glasses for a square face: Square faces, on the other hand, have very defined and sharp cheekbones and jawlines with an equally proportionate face. They can try round glasses to soften their bold features.
  • Glasses for a heart-shaped face: Inverted triangle or heart-shaped faces have a broad forehead that narrows down to the chin. Though they look great in almost every style, they can choose wayfarers or frames with a highlighted lower rim to further accentuate the features.
  • Glasses for a triangular face: Triangular faces are just opposite to heart-shaped faces. They are characterised by a broad jawline that narrows upto the forehead. They need a frame slightly wider than their forehead, with highlighted upper rims. Browline glasses and cat-eye frames work best for them.
  1. Round glasses

Round glasses are one of the most versatile styles that has been in trend for a very long time. Be it small roundels or big “grandaddy” glasses, round frames have always aced the eyewear trend list. This year they are back with added innovations like transparent frames and coloured metal rims.

  1. Oversized glasses

The Covid-19 pandemic has highly influenced fashion trends this year as we see more and more oversized frames coming into the stores. Experts believe that these huge frames can provide protection against the virus to some extent by blocking its entry into the eye.

  1. Cat-eye glasses

Bold and sassy cat-eye glasses have always been in style as they are the most popular choice for women’s glasses. Whatever be your mood – the naughty mystery or the bossy babe, cat-eye glasses add the perfect amount of glamour to your look.

  1. Transparent frames

Another trend from the previous year that has made it to the eyewear trends 2020 list are the transparent frames. With glossy and crystal finish and beautiful pastel tints like pink, blue, green, and peach, clear frames add a contemporary and ultra-modern appeal to any basic outfit.

  1. Rectangular glasses

The 2020 eyewear collection is all about wearable fashion. Rectangular glasses in bold colours like black, brown and maroon are the most basic and comfortable choices for daily wear. They also make for highly stylish sunglasses and oversized frames.

  1. Geometric glasses

Echoing the oversized glasses trend, thick rim glasses in geometric shapes like pentagon, hexagon, octagon, square, rectangle and unique geometric shapes are in hot trend this season. They are also available in medium size with thin metallic rims.

  1. Thin rim glasses

When looking for glasses online, one will surely come across at least one frame with thin metallic rim. Thin rim glasses in gold, silver and rose-gold with different shapes like cat-eye, rectangle and round are also extremely popular this season.

  1. Wooden frames

Wooden frames were discovered and introduced into the eyewear market a long ago. However, due to impractical designs, they never became as popular as other styles. This year, more wearable options with mixed materials added colours, wooden glasses are ready to fill in all the stores around the UK. 

  1. Blue light glasses

The lockdown period has resulted in increased digital screen times with online schooling, work from home, and increased dependence on online entertainment. Consequently, this exposes us to high-intensity blue rays, making our eyes vulnerable to light damage. This is the major reason for the rising popularity of blue light blocking glasses during this season.

  1. Tortoiseshell print

Tortoiseshell print is another style from the season that is everywhere! You can find it on basic designs like wayfarers and rectangular glasses or on fancy styles like oversized frames and cat-eye glasses.

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Meta title: Top 10 eyewear trends of 2020

Meta description: The new glasses collection includes both retro classic designs like round glasses and fresh styles like clear frames. Here are the top 10 eyewear trends of 2020.

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