When it comes to the safety and security of one’s family, one likes to go that extra mile to ensure the family members are protected even when they are not there. Many celebrities find it difficult to keep their private life on the down-low as paparazzi follow them all day long. While these celebrities have bodyguards and protections, their family members don’t. That is why publishing a celebrity’s family photo in media is always a risky move. One never knows who’s lurking around the corner, waiting to pounce on others. Continue reading this article to find valuable tips on how to protect your family members from outside threats. 

Limit Exposure: These days, everyone can spy on someone else thanks to social media. While light-staking can be fun and playful, serious stalking with the intent of harming others can be deadly. Therefore, before you put private content on the web, stop and ask yourself,” is it necessary?” and more so, “is it safe?” You may want the adorable video of your child to be online for the world to see. But when you hit that upload button, you let a stalker get more opportunities to gather information on your child. Therefore, if you are a public figure with many followers, be mindful of what you post online.

Install Cameras: If you know who’s coming and who’s going in and out of your house, you will feel more secure. Numerous break-ins happen through the garage door. Therefore, pay extra attention to the garage doors and lock the windows in the house. When you install a CCTV camera at different points of your house exterior, it lets you monitor each visitor. Nobody likes to be caught on the camera doing something illegal. Having a visible camera on your property can drastically reduce the number of thieves wanting to break into your property. 

Carry A Gun: American law allows an adult to have a gun in his house for safety and security. Therefore, if you feel threatened, having a gun might be the right option for you. You will feel more confident when you have a firearm in your house. This mental confidence will provide you peace of mind; you will be ready to combat any situation if required. 

  • Be sure to keep the firearm at a safe distance from the kids. You can use a metal box or a drawer to keep the machine in the house. Only take the gun out when you need to clean it or use it. 
  • You can keep other gun accessories such as bullets, lower receivers, clips, cleaner, and more in the same vault. If you have multiple firearms in the house, you can safely keep them inside the metal vault. When it comes to accessories for the gun, be sure to research well before buying. For example, ar15 lower is way superior compared to other lower receivers as it provides one with better grip and precision. 

Know Thy Neighbors: like it or hate it, your neighbors can be of great help during an emergency. Plus, they have access to the front view of your house. Therefore, when they encounter some suspicious activities, they may inform you. Having a friendly relationship with your neighbors always yields the right results

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