Tips and tricks from professionals to excel in the New World game

The New World is a multiplayer online game that was published and developed by Amazon games. The storyline has a seventeenth-century setting where the players have to colonize a fictional town.  Players can make groups of around five members or less and join one of three factions – Covenant, Syndicate and Marauders. The game is set on the island of Aeternum – a fictional island in the Atlantic Ocean. If you are into role playing and online games appeal to you, this game will surely interest you. If you want to check out some tips and tricks from professionals to excel in the New World game.

  • The journey in New World begins at a starting location – Windsward, Monarch’s Bluffs, Firstlight or Everfall. This is where players must stay to learn how the game operates. This is a relatively safe place and you can learn what you need to go ahead.
  • You must understand how weight plays a role here as the game places a limit on the weight you carry – inventory and gear, as well as the armor you are wearing. 
  • Players must try each type of weapon as soon as they are able to. There are 11 weapon types with various features, strengths and weaknesses. Try to see which style you prefer most, so you can use them at the most opportune moment. 
  • Keep checking durability during the game. Gear, tools and weapons do suffer some level of durability loss when they are used or when the player dies in a game. So, one must check their gear regularly. You can repair weapons by using gold and salvage parts from weapons to do it.
  • WoWs hearthstone and the Inn Recall in the New World are the same features. You can teleport at the inn after speaking to the Innkeeper. This is handy when you have to travel far and you save time by using this feature.
  • Apart from practicing and playing yourself, players can also buy new world boost to get ahead. Boosting does improve your chances to move ahead faster.
  • Gathering and crafting must be started early. This will help in getting more powerful gear that you make yourself. You can craft your own ammunition and you can sell these on Trading Posts too.
  • Complete the main story quest but also look at other quests. Town missions allow for some more xp. Such missions can involve gathering materials, killing boars or delivering crafted items. One can choose faction quests as well to help the faction’s overall standing and buy better gear.
  • Undertake more activities in a territory so you can unlock more benefits in that territory. If a player levels up in a territory then you can get many benefits such as a decrease in trading tax, increase in gathering speed and greater XP.
  • The first house a player purchase is 50% off so wait for a good house. You may think of buying a house quickly but wait. And remember that you have to pay taxes on it too.

Think of the tasks that give you the most advantage. The new world boosting option is helpful but you must understand the tricks that will help you get ahead.

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