This Is How to Get Noticed on LinkedIn

Did you know that the US has the most LinkedIn users at 176 million? However, 75% of users are from outside the US.

Getting a job via LinkedIn has been on the rise lately. It’s an active site recruiters use to get candidates to fill available positions.

To get considered by a recruiter, you need to learn how to get noticed on LinkedIn.

Read on for tips on how to get noticed on LinkedIn.

Fill in a Complete Profile

You should have a completed LinkedIn profile if you are aiming to get noticed. Any hiring team scrutinizes profiles before interacting with you. To stand a higher chance of finding a job, complete your profile.

Create a captivating introduction with as many keywords as possible. A recruiter shortlists candidates’ profiles matching the keywords of the vacant position. But, how do you make sure you’re visible?

Make your profile very clear by including all words a recruiter is likely to search for. A recruiter can use any criterion in seeking a viable candidate.

Moreover, you should put a professional display photo on your profile. Recruiters do not trust a profile without a face to relate to. You can get a corporate headshot photographer here.

Turn On “Open to Opportunities”

The search results brought up to a recruiter are of those profiles that are available. If you are applying for jobs, you should first turn on “open to opportunities” on your profile. Turning on this setting makes you available to many recruiters seeking candidates.

Despite having a job already, you can still turn on the setting. LinkedIn has the option of appearing to recruiters outside your current company. You don’t have to worry about losing your current job since you can bar them from seeing your availability.

Among the many LinkedIn tips, you can apply is matching your preferences with a note. Write a note to recruiters selecting specific titles and outlining all your preferences. This action will help get you the desired opportunity available.

Build Your Network

Networking gets you discoverable across more search results. Many people get recruited using LinkedIn, and you might also find small groups in your network seeking to recruit.

Building a network allows you to interact with different people from your niche. You should join relevant groups and add various people to your network. Further, publish professional posts about what you do.

It would be best to interact with other people’s posts. However, maintain a professional code in your comments on their posts. Most of all, remain relevant in your posts.

While on your network, you can message recruiters who are posting jobs you are conversant with. That builds awareness with the recruiter of a viable candidate for the job. This is an excellent strategy to get noticed on LinkedIn.

How To Get Noticed on LinkedIn

Completing your LinkedIn profile is the first way to get noticed by recruiters. Also, it would help if you turned on the “open to opportunities” option on your profile. Build your network since more opportunities will come your way.

If you had fun learning how to get noticed on LinkedIn, browse this website for more exciting content.

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