Things to do in Ozark Arkansas

Ozark is the name of a small town in Arkansas on the southern slope of the Ozark Mountains. The city is located on the shores of the Arkansas River. Much more famous is the Lake of Ozark, a popular summer vacation spot, which became known in the whole world in recent years thanks to Marty Bird and his adventures in a Netflix show. There are excellent attractions in Ozark Arkansas, throughout the Ozark Mountains, and on the large freshwater lake of the same name in central Missouri. 

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Ozark Arkansas attractions

Ozark is located near Arkansas wine country where German and Swiss immigrants exploited perfect terrain and climate and created vineyards. Currently, there are five producers close to Ozark, and you can go for wine tasting. 

The small town has plenty of historic landmarks like the Altus Heritage House Museum, which has initially been German- American Bank from the early 1800s. You can explore 19th-century coal mining and equipment. 

Several historic buildings are scattered around Ozark Courthouse Square Historic District. Arkansas River Bridge is among the landmark bridges in the US. According to the American Institute of Steel Construction, constructed in 1931, the bridge was among the most beautifully designed bridges. 

Check out the Ozark Mural, a sand carved mural describing the history of the area, or explore Pig Trail, a scenic Highway 23 that is among the country’s top 10 scenic drives. It is especially attractive to drive and admire leaf foliage in autumn.

Ozarks underground cities 

Ozark mountains are a spot for famous conspiracy theories with Pinterest full of pictures of underground structures like tunnels. These man-built spaces’ unknown origin sparks the imagination of conspiracy enthusiasts that claim the world elite is building doomsday hideout under the Ozark Mountains.

Ozark family vacations 

The region has plenty to offer for a visitor with kids. Big Surf Waterpark is among the most popular in the Midwest, with huge attractions like Zambezi Falls. Timber Falls Water Park is also near Lake of The Ozarks in Missouri, some 250 miles north of Ozark Arkansas. Parents can enjoy a huge whirlpool, while kids can go on numerous water slides in this indoor waterpark. 

The Ozarks are home to three amazing caves. Bridal caves are in the US’s top three caves, and you can have a wedding in this vast underground structure. You can find Jacob’s Cave and Ozark Caverns nearby. 

The whole Lake is part of Lake of the Ozarks State park with more than 80 miles of the shoreline, a couple of fantastic beaches, boat rides, and many hiking trails. 

As a prominent tourist area, Ozarks offer many activities. You can go for parasailing and explore the lake from 500 feet above the water with Paradise Parasail. Another excellent fun experience is Downhill Ruckus, a place where you can roll down the hill in a zorb, a large inflatable ball. There are zorbs for one or two people. 

Ozark sights 

Ozark Mountains spans through parts of Arkansas, Missouri, and Oklahoma. Some of the well-known attractions include Devil’s Den State Park. An excellent place for hikers with miles of trails. Yellow Rock Trail has many scenic sights like stunning Lee Creek Valley from Yellow Rock, among many popular routes. 

Eureka Springs is a small village with Victorian architecture. Situated in beautiful natural surroundings you can explore history, go for a cave tour, hiking or zip-lining. The town hosts 67-foot Christ of the Ozark statue.

Blanchard Springs is home to famous caverns, limestone caves with underground rivers, guided tours, and gorgeous rock formation. Around you can explore Ozark National Forest.

The whole Ozark region has excellent accommodation offers, but before making a reservation mark, check my ESTA status action on your calendar. Once you get your travel authorization, there is plenty of time to plan your US journey. With ESTA approval, you have two years period to visit the country.

Bull Shoals Lake is a perfect spot for fishing. The lake and White River below the dam offer one of the country’s best lunker bass fishing locations. The lakeshore has many camping and picnic locations.

Bottom line

From Ozark town in Arkansas by the river with historic landmarks and attractions to Lake of the Ozarks, the region of Ozark Mountains that span through a couple of states offers natural attractions like National Forest, great lakes, rivers, scenic highway, and delicious southern cuisine. 

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