The Warning Signs of Termites in Your Home

Did you know that termites cause more than $5 billion in property damage in the US each year? Termites are one of the worst fears of home and landowners throughout the USA. 

They cause damage to the structure of houses, gardens, and even forests. If you are wondering whether you have a pest infestation, what do you need to know? Why not read on to learn more about this. 

Wood Damage

If you are concerned about termites, the first place you should check is the wooden areas of your house. Any wood that is exposed and appears to have damage may indicate an infestation. Moist wood is especially popular with termites. 

If you do spot a colony of termites, arranging for termite fumigation is your first priority. These bugs are eating your wood. The sooner you can stop them the more damage you can prevent.


Termites are globally known as a scourge and can even impact your chances of being able to sell your house at market rates. 

A second tell-tale sign of termites is the wings that they leave behind after they start making a home in your wood. Termites often arrive as flying insects; however, after deciding to stick around, they shed their wings. These shed wings are often found in basement windowsills.


Termite droppings are also known as “frass.” These are the tiny pellets of termite refuse that are pushed out of the tunnels that lead to their homes.

It is often only about 1 mm long and can look a lot like sawdust. However, if you suspect a termite colony it would be good to call an expert as soon as possible.

Mud Tubes

Termites that live underground make small tubes that they use to move food and waster to and from their home. These tubes also prevent moisture loss and the drying out of their homes.

If you suspect a termite colony, you are likely to see these tubes at the base of their home.

Hollow Wood

If you suspect that termites have invaded your property but are not exactly sure where they are, try tapping on wood objects. Termites eat wood from the inside out. This means that a hungry colony of termites will quickly empty old tree trunks or other easy wooden targets.

Simply tap on the trunk to see whether they are hollow or not. If they are, open it up to try to discern whether the damage is old or new.

How to Spot a Pest Infestation and Much More

Are you wondering whether you have a pest infestation or not? By applying the suggestions we have discussed you will be able to identify the problem and choose a solution.

If you are interested in learning more about these subjects, then we are here to help. We regularly publish articles that can benefit you and your business. Why not check out our blog page for more information?

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