The UK’s Most High-Risk Driving Spots

If you are planning to travel around the UK in 2021 (if we can), then here are some of the roads you should be extra careful on whilst driving. Although road traffic has decreased since the pandemic, it is still important to plan your journeys and take precautions when on the road; especially as the biggest cause of accidents is due to driver error. 

The UK is home to beautifully scenic drives with views of countryside, sea and lakes, as well as cities and picturesque villages. Many of these places are hidden gems, which are often got to via small lanes and along busy motorways/dual carriageways. According to research undertaken by LeaseCarUK and data from the Department of Transport, these are the most dangerous roads in the UK. 

Based on the number of casualties in the last year, the B576 Northamptonshire, is at the top of the list. You may use this road if you plan to visit any of the main attractions in Northamptonshire, such as Althorp House and Silverstone Circuit. There are alternative routes and it also depends where you are travelling from, but you may want to avoid using this road if you’re not a confident driver.

As we make our way down the list, we come across Paddington Village, Liverpool which falls in 6th place. Not too far from Liverpool Science Park and The University of Liverpool, this area can get quite congested. If you plan to travel to these areas, then using public transport may be a better option. 

Surprisingly, London only appears on this list at places 9 and 10, with Old Kent Road and Barking Road. When travelling in and around London, public transport links are regular, which means this may be your best option. Taking your own transport in and around the capital can be confusing with each area being part of a zone, but if you drive during certain hours in a congested zone, then you could be charged £15 daily.

Before travelling anywhere it is best to plan journeys and take all necessary items with you in case of breakdown, an accident or even just getting lost! 

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