Top 5 Fashion Trends Seen in Movies 2020

Fashion Enthusiastic and Lovers are constantly seeking widely growing trends and dress styles to make their lives easier and beautiful as per the ongoing trends; usually, the targeted people are celebrities and the dresses styles they wore in movies and fashion walks. You cannot keep a fashion trend alive in any film or series because new films come in with some other exciting dress patterns. Of course, fashion doesn’t always target Harry Styles Merch, but bags, shoes, hairstyles, makeup styles, and accessories.

 Many movies in history from HULU, Disney, Netflix, and Voot created an impact on the audience. Though some of these movies might not be accessible for you because of geo-restrictions but you can always use a VPN to watch these channels or platforms in geo-restricted regions like if you want to watch Hulu in Singapore, or Disney Plus in Malaysia or Voot in USA you will need a VPN.

Coming back to the topic, People were seen wearing those styles, recreating the looks, creating a substantial social impact over social media, which is an excellent benchmark achieved from the users. These entertainment websites are the most appropriate channels and responsible parties for making the Fashion Trend Visible in Movies, reaching viewers’ screens and hearts. Usually, people follow the trend because their favorite actor is wearing it.

So grab some popcorn from the nearest shop, and don’t forget to take some chilled drinks with you as now you’ll be reading about the best Movies and Series that created an everlasting memory in the minds of viewers.

Characters Leaving an Everlasting Fashion Trend on Viewers

This section will discover all the characters and their corresponding fashion styles, which created a massive hype on the audience for a more extended period.

1.   Suicide Squad

We all know and can imagine the hype that was created during Suicide Squad days and how girls were growing crazy over Harley Quin’s character. Millions of other people worldwide were found following up similar dress styles and facial expressions to recreate Harley Quin’s look once again.

Suicide Squad is available over the platform of Netflix, with millions of viewers, audiences who have positive likes, and feedback to the series, which was indeed an excellent benchmark for the movie’s creators. Moreover, Margot played Harley’s role with so much love and dedication that people loved every scene that showcases Joker and Harley Quin’s relationship together in the series. Let’s see when season 2 will be released and how the cast and crew will maintain viewers’ trust.


2.   The Queen’s Gambit

The second series is again Netflix Original, which was released at the end of 2020, still managed to significantly impact the audience, especially teenage girls who are fond of wearing long skirts and short shirts, with a hat reviving the old tradition. During the Cold War Era, the ancient practice of clothing, and of course Anya Taylor Joy, played the role very perfectly, keeping the fashion trend alive in 2020.

Beth was seen wearing Vintage Dresses, long skirts, short half-sleeved shirts with a bow on them, or sometimes the sleeping dresses, which were so loose, giving a cozy feel and look. She mainly was found wearing Loose Shirts, which was trendy in Winter’s Season, and of course, in the late 90s.


3.   Elite

And next, we have an amazingly shooted and planned series, Elite which is again a Netflix original and has almost three seasons with various students, both girls, boys having their style patents, and styling dresses, creating a significant impact on the audience.

All the lead characters in the seasons were found wearing some heavy dresses like short skirts, with a short shirt, along with hair clips on the hair, with very tremendously beautiful pieces of jewelry, sometimes necklace, or sometimes heavy glasses, that was even seen in the thumbnail, where Danna Paola is wearing the heavy black pearl glasses. Many college-going girls were found replicating the same look, dress’ codes in fancy dresses, or even casual days.


4.   Emily in Paris

What do you expect from a Chicago Marketing Executive? Something very intruding and fashionable? Of course, yes, you’re guessing it right. The role of Emily is played by Lily Collins, who is seen wearing a hat in various colors in contrast with her dresses. Usually, she was seen wearing coats, with short inside tees, with long pants, giving a classy and professional look.

But, more or less, whenever she went to any party or ballroom, she was seen wearing a beautiful maxi, in black, which you may see in the movies’ title images, and that’s something adorable.


5.   Frozen

And all the kids out there, I know how crazy they were for Frozen, and the lead character Elsa and the way she was wearing a long blue maxi, with glitters springles all over it and a long braid, to keep a decent princess look.

Almost every girl kid wore the same pattern dress, with a similar hairstyle to give a similar look, and of course, on birthdays, the Olaf-themed cake was top of all!


Wrapping Up

And that’s it for the fashion trends, and fashionista, as for now I think it’s more than enough! Although you still have some questions in your mind, although if you still have queries in your mind or some recommendation about fashion targeted series or movies, which I might have missed, please comment in the feedback sections.

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