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The Top 3 Uses of Tacknives

The pocket knife industry was worth close to $13 billion in 2017, a number that was predicted to grow in time. Seeing that their popularity continually increases, perhaps you’ve considered purchasing a tac knife, but you aren’t sure if you’ll get a ton of use out of it. Or maybe you own one, and you aren’t finding yourself reaching for it all that often.

People might think they need to own a knife for self-defense purposes, but what makes this product sought-after is that it has a variety of uses. Therefore, it appeals to a wide demographic of consumers. To get an idea of how versatile this product is, keep reading because here are the top three ways to use tacknives.  

1. Handy Work With Tacknives

Tacknives will become your best friend when doing home improvements. If you’ve got a loose door hinge, use a knife to tighten the screws. If you magnetize your blade, picking up any screws off the floor won’t be a problem either as the magnet will attract and collect them. 

These knives are helpful when installing electric appliances as they can strip wires. You can even use them for hammering, but you’ll want to make sure that your knife has a handle strong enough to endure this physical activity. If not, it can crack.

TacKnives discusses the different types of knives and handles as well as their characteristics to help you choose a knife that is best for you. They’ll even give you a quick history lesson on out the front pocket knives. 

2. Camping, Hunting, & Fishing

Technically, these are three uses, but they all fit under the realm of travel. There’s no doubt that you’ll find your pocket knife useful when you are on your trip.

You can use it to cut fruits, vegetables, and meats as well as peel potatoes. While you are preparing for your night around the campfire, pull out your pocketknife to split the wood you plan on using for the fire. You can purchase one with a serrated edge to efficiently saw through your woodpile. 

If you are on a hunting trip, gutting, skinning, and cutting game gets a bit easier with a tac knife. You can also cut and gut fish too.

That’s not the only way you’ll find use for your knife on a fishing trip. Bring one to cut your fishing net or trim your fishing line. 

Some states have bans or regulations on these knives. If you are headed out of state, be sure to check their tac knife carrying laws before your trip.  

3. Opening Letters and Packages

This is the one mundane task that everyone could use a tac knife for. You’ll be able to slice right through envelopes and packaging tape as well as break down the packaging wrap that comes in your boxes. Even though this is a simple task, it is one way you can get a lot of use out of your knife.  

Start Using a Tac Knife

Now that you have gotten some new ideas about what you can do with your pocket knife, you can dust it off and start using it again. If you are still on the fence about buying one, both their longevity and their usefulness make tacknives well worth the cost.

Want to learn about some other helpful tools? Make sure you take a look at the rest of our blog today! 

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