The Top 3 Diploma and Associate Degree Programs in the Field of Medicine

There is a number of purposes that a Diploma and Associate course can serve. It provides extra training and qualifications for current professionals. A diploma also bridges the gap between various stages of academic studies. It only takes about 2 years to earn your associates degree.

There are so many diploma courses that are available for those interested in the field of medicine. Any program that one chooses depends a lot on your educational and interest.

These courses usually include chemistry, biology, human anatomy, psychology, and mathematics. Some of the programs are intended for students who want to transition from their field of expertise to the medical field. Other programs are also tailored for healthcare professionals who would like to specialize in a particular field such as research, management, economics, integrated care, nutrition, anesthesia, and alternative therapy. 

Let us now take a look at the 3 best diploma programs in the field of medicine that can help one advance in the medical career.

Medical office administration associate degree

This program takes roughly 48 weeks. Medical office administrators are responsible for a wide range of tasks in administrative capacities. Their roles include, but are not limited to, preparing medical and other documents, organizing patient files, checking patients in and scheduling appointments. As they get the hang of their daily jobs they may be allowed, as admins, to order supplies, send mails, assist other staff members with a variety of tasks.

They also, like medical assistants, may help in recording patients’ medical histories and help them with arranging other services like hospitalization and processing insurance payments Diploma and Associate.

The important skills that every medical office administration should have include multitasking, ability to maintain patient confidentiality, provide perfect customer service, and entering data accurately. This program teaches all that so that you can contribute to and support the medical office in a significant way.

Students under this program do not need a practicum or an internship and can be taken entirely online. Moreover, certification is not a must to practice in this field.

Dental Assisting (Diploma)

The professionals in this field carry out a broad range of tasks in their dental practice. Their daily tasks may vary from scheduling appointments to taking x-rays for record keeping and providing care to patients. On a daily, a dental assistant works closely with dentists and patients, other dental workers and hygienists.

These professionals play a key role in dental offices since they are responsible for making the patients feel calm and comfortable throughout a dental procedure or exam. They also, obtain and update medical records, take vital signs, prepare patients for treatment and provide patients with aftercare instructions.

This program teaches students how to hand medical materials instruments to dentists for different procedures among other duties. They also get hands-on training on some specialty practices that include orthodontics, endodontics, prosthodontics, periodontics, pediatrics, and oral surgery

Students learn how to maintain as well as prepare dental labs, treatment rooms, and instruments following specific guidelines for disinfection. Hence one becomes proficient in these skills among others such as fabricating custom trays, whitening trays, preparing mouth guards, and mounting study cast.

Towards graduation with this diploma, students participate in an internship program that lets them gain skills in a real-life setting with professional supervision.

Upon completion of your course, you will be prepared to seek the nationally recognized certifications that show your prowess of the course. These are; the Radiation Health and Safety -RHS exam, and the Nationally Registered Dental Assistant -NRDA credential

Diploma in Medical billing and coding

if you enjoy computers and information, you might want to consider this as your career path. What is even better is that you can take this program online.

Health insurance and healthcare companies generate a large number of patient and medical records. In this career, one is required to know how to categorize individual medical procedures Diploma and Associate and diagnoses for purposes of billing and reimbursement. An expert in this field works at a computer workstation in an office going over healthcare records sent electronically.

There is no doubt that you will learn about the terminology used in the medical field. You will also learn the reference codes used for repayment between insurance companies and the hospital or doctor’s office. In this program, you will be taught computer basics, office management, and psychology and anatomy. Students in this program usually get hands-on training about the billing software in the medical field and the claims resolution techniques.

Upon completion of your course, you will sit certification exams. These exams are however not mandatory at the employment stage. They are important for validating your skills, abilities, and competencies in your area of specialization. Students who have sat certification exams have a competitive advantage of being employed over other students. 


There are so many different degrees and diploma programs offered by various institutions. It is important though that you choose your program from an accredited school so as to be competitive over other students in the job market. This is why we have made it easier for you by suggesting the best programs from only the accredited institutions in the US.

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