The Steps To Take After A Car Accident

Nobody wishes to get involved in a car accident. Although people take time and effort to prevent and prepare for one; the actual act often leaves people stressed, shocked, and not sure of what to do. During the whole ordeal, a person may try as much as possible to wrap their head around what has just happened and forget to take appropriate actions that may help both physical and financial recovery. Read this guide, the Texas accident bible for more information about what to do post accident.

However, the safety tips below will help make things easy for you. All you have to do is remember the term SAFE – both literally and following our made-up acronym:

•           S – Safety First

•           A – Alert Appropriate Authorities

•           F – Fact Gathering

•           E – Exchange Details

Tip 1: – Safety First

After an accident, safety must be the priority; not only for you or passengers but also for other road users. Therefore, after an accident, you must:

•           Turn On Hazard Lights: – If possible, it is wise to move the vehicle to a safe place. If it is not possible, stay inside the vehicle with the seatbelt fastened. In both scenarios, do not forget to turn on the hazard lights. Also, check the safety of others and assist the injured. If a person has sustained severe injuries, do not move them as this may cause further injuries and even death.

•           Medical Attention: – As mentioned, safety is paramount. As such, it is wise to seek immediate medical attention. You can do this by contacting proper authorities or emergency services.  Even if you are not showing any visible injuries, it is wise to seek immediate medical attention.

TIP 2: – Call 911 Or The Local Police Station

After an accident, avoid the words “I’m Sorry” even when you feel you are at fault for the accident; especially when talking to the police. You may be surprised to know that the other driver may be the at-fault party. 

It is wise to contact the appropriate authorities because they will file an accident report. If the police do not arrive at the scene of the accident, ensure that you have filed the accident report. Doing this will help speed up the compensation claim process.

Tip 3: – Fact Gathering

People often are overwhelmed with emotions after an accident. It is important to note that emotions will not help in any way. For this reason, it is wise to stay calm and immediately begin to document the accident based on what happened.

Do not speculate or mention what you think happened. If you are not sure of something, say you do not know. take pictures of the accident and anything relevant to the accident.  Do not forget to include details about the location, road condition, weather, and traffic control. Do not forget to collect the name of the witnesses and officers who are at the scene.

Tip 4: – Exchange Details

It is vital to exchange important details needed to complete the legal or claim process. Which important details should you collect? Well, they should include:

•           The Names

•           The Address

•           Contact Information

•           Vehicle’s License Plate Number

•           Driver’s License Numbers

•           The Insurance Providers

•           The policy Numbers


Even after following our SAFE tips after an accident, this process does not end there. When you get home, there are a few things you must take care of like filing a claim. It is wise to file your claim immediately. The faster you act, the faster the insurance company will begin working on your claim.

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