The future of fashion sweatshirts and how it will change your life

You may have been wondering lately, “What is going to happen with fashion sweatshirts?” Well worry no more. I’m going to show you how this piece of clothing has evolved into a key component in any wardrobe and why it’s not going anywhere anytime soon.

If that’s what you was thinking than your wrong! Independent sweatshirt are so much more than just a sweatshirt. Think about when the terms golf tyler the creator hoodie and sweatshirt came around? They both meant essentially the same thing-a warm pullover usually made from cotton or fleece. Now when we think about the terms we automatically assume they mean two different things: One is for in the gym and one is for when you’re out with your friends.

Well that’s not exactly true. You can wear them both in different situations or together! Add some nice jeans and sneakers and you have yourself a casual outfit. Or add some fun statement earrings and a skirt with heels and you’re ready to go dancing with your friends!!

Here are three simple ways to style sweatshirts:

1) Add it to an otherwise boring outfit for an unexpected twist

2) Pair it with something dressier for a night on the town

3) Layer it over a dress or tank for instant warmth during colder days.

The possibilities are endless!!!

So if fashion sweatshirts are so versatile, why all of the sudden this craze?

Well, the answer is simple. You can wear them in sunny California or bitter cold New York and still be comfortable! Not only do they keep you warm, but they’re also a very stylish piece of clothing that can go with any look.

So many celebrities have been spotted wearing astroworld hoodie sweatshirts lately too! Celebrities such as Sophia Bush and Jennifer Lawrence have been seen sporting this hot item. It’s not just limited to celebs though! Fashion bloggers everywhere have been sharing their summer outfits featuring different kinds of fashion sweatshirts from casual to dressy ones as well. Of course there are some stores selling the more expensive kinds but I think everyone can-they’re worth it!!!

From the author of this blog: Oh my goodness that was so hard to write! Well it’s over now, just have to wait and see if anyone reads it…sigh. I’ll never know unless I actually publish it! If you got any feedback or constructive criticism please let me know, thanks!

The future of fashion sweatshirts is looking bright with all these new ideas about how they can be worn. It is fast becoming a staple in many women’s wardrobes. Maybe one day soon there will come a time when sweatshirts are no longer called that but instead given some other name entirely because what once used to be casual wear has transformed into something much more versatile and stylish. I can’t wait to see what else will change with fashion sweatshirts in the future!

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