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The formal business outfit: double cuff shirts.

Shirts with double cuffs are less and less around. In a number of professions they are still seen, for example in the legal profession or in the banking sector. The double cuff is also still seen at special occasions, like a gala, prom or wedding. Men who wear a double cuff shirt are looking to appear classic, fashionable and refined. It radiates class. But how to wear a double cuff properly? Which types of cuffs are there? And why is a double cuff also referred to as a “French cuff”? Interested? Then do read on.

What do you need to watch out for when wearing a double cuff shirt?

In general the rule of thumb with a double cuff shirt is to use a cuff that is showing about two centimetres (0,8 inches) from under the sleeve of the jacket. The cuffs should always be visible. This makes your outfit look nice and elegant. This brings us to the second point: the sleeve length of the double cuff shirt. Like mentioned above, the sleeve may appear from under the jacket with approximately two centimetres or 0,8 inches. No more, no less. If the cuff of the shirt is too long, it will appear a bit sloppy. If the cuff of the shirt is too short, it will not do the cuff justice.

Which cuffs are there?

  • Double cuff – referred to in the United Kingdom as French Cuffs.
  • Single cuff – the most popular cuff. Most men wear single cuff shirts.
  • Single cuff with buttons and holes – usable for both single and double cuffs. Famous brands Seidensticker, Eterna and John Miller have this type of shirt in their collections. Perfect for when you want to look refined one day and semi casual the next.

What is the right occasion?

Naturally double cuff shirts are perfect for business occasions and formal occasions. You can also wear a double cuff shirt casually; just make sure to match the rest of your outfit accordingly. By choosing the right cuff you will look stylish while still looking casual.

Why is the double cuff referred to as the French cuff?

Some say that the French cuff was created by Napoleon. Soldiers would wipe their noses on the cuff and be able to hide it by folding the fabric. Not true! French cuffs were created by the British and are called Foldback, Turnback or Double cuff. The double cuff used to occasionally have three buttons so men could move the cuff by one button when it became dirty. Double Cuffs are quite famous and well worn in Amsterdam the Netherlands (called Herenkleding or Herenmode)

What do others think of double cuff shirts?

Double cuff shirts look more formal than normal shirts. Additionally, double cuff shirts are generally available in white, blue and pink. A shirt with a print and double cuff is rare to find. Are you looking for a double cuff shirt or advice on the matter? Make sure to check out the website overhemden.com with the largest range of dress shirts in Europe. They will be happy to help you out.

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