The Easiest Way To Sell Tickets Online

Promoting an event or business online can be difficult. That is why we have put together a quick guide on how to sell tickets online easily.

Get A Good Ticketing Platform!

The ticketing platform you choose will determine how well you will be able to sell your tickets online. If it is well built and easy to navigate, you will have an easier job creating your tickets. If you struggle to figure out how to work it, well then you are wasting valuable time that could be spent actually selling tickets.

A good ticketing platform will provide you with:

  • Unlimited tickets
  • Ticket scanner
  • Revenue control
  • Low fees
  • Lots and lots of features
  • Event calendars
  • Analytics on attendees
  • A dedicated support team
  • Ability to create discount coupons

If it does not provide all of these aspects, you are using the wrong ticketing platform.

Don’t Settle For The Well Known Platforms

Just because a ticketing platform is well known, doesn’t mean it will be the best option for you. Take Ticketmaster. They are super well known but offer little to no customer support to smaller businesses and their fees are unpredictable. There are no set fees that you can predict on your own. They take as they please.

So, be sure to look at all your ticketing platform options. One of our favorites is TicketsCandy. They offer a platform that works well for both big and small venues. They also have very small and predictable fees.

Get A Good Merchant

Many people don’t realize they need a merchant account along with their ticketing platform. A merchant account is what lets you process your customer’s payments. It is necessary in order for you to get paid. One of our favorites is Square but Stripe and Paypal are also good options.

Have A Great Website! The easiest way to sell tickets is to have a premium website to do it on. A good website makes it easy for people to find you and is super easy to use to actually buy the tickets. Please trust us and use a developer instead of a builder for this aspect. It will immensely help your chances of selling tickets and make it way easier because you won’t have to build the site yourself.

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