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The Definitive Guide with Aveda to Curly Hair During Summer

A lot of people like curly hair, but only a few know how much work it takes to style them. Many women dream of having beautiful curls. They think that caring for them comes down to washing it with shampoo for curly hair and drying it with a hairdryer. Anyway, it is not true! Curly hair is often much harder to manage than straight hair.

How to properly care for curly hair especially during the summer? You need to define your hair type. Yes! There are a lot of types of curly hair. Once you have figured out your hair type you should pick the proper treatment.

Aveda has created a wonderful range of natural products for curly hair!

Due to the porous structure of curly hair (the cuticle scales unevenly adjacent to each other), the hair is usually dry by nature. That is why this type of hair requires more hydration and nutrition.

Aveda has a great Nutriplenish line that moisturizes hair and retains moisture for 72 hours! It is an instant revival of dry and lifeless curly hair. It has two product types: deep and light.

Nutriplenish Light Moisture Shampoo

A lightweight shampoo for intensive nourishment and hydration of dry hair. It is designed for fine to normal hair curly or wavy hair. It is a vegan treatment. 94% natural formula based on organic ingredients. Coconut and mango oils delicately clean the hair and come deep into the hair structure, giving the necessary moisture and restoring its natural strength and softness.

Nutriplenish Light Moisture Conditioner

It is a powerful gentle blend of 98% naturally derived vegan ingredients. This conditioner is created to make your dry, coarse hair smooth and shiny.

How to use Nutriplenish Light Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner

Massage into damp hair and scalp. Rinse it off. Finish with Aveda Nutriplenish Light Moisture Conditioner.

Nutriplenish Deep Moisture Shampoo

This hair care treatment works best for thick and coarse hair. This shampoo intensively nourishes and moisturizes dry curls. Natural formula based on organic oils of pomegranate, coconut, and mango delicately cleanses the hair. These oils effectively penetrate the hair shaft replenishing moisture 50% more than Nutriplenish Light Moisture Shampoo.

Nutriplenish Deep Moisture Conditioner

It is a rich, nourishing treat. It is a great restorative addition to your hair care routine. Ideal for very dry hair and thick hair. The conditioner is enriched with oils and plant butter. It deeply moisturizes and hydrates dry strands.

How to use Nutriplenish Deep Moisture Shampoo  and Conditioner

Massage into damp hair and scalp. Rinse it off. For better hydration apply Nutriplenish Deep Moisture Conditioner and leave it for a few more minutes.

Nutriplenish Leave-in Conditioner

This leave-in conditioner instantly moisturizes the hair and provides thermal protection. Works for all hair types. 98% natural formula based on pomegranate and ginger oils penetrates deep into the hair structure, providing hydration for up to 72 hours and protecting from the negative environmental effects and direct sunlight.

How to use Nutriplenish Leave-in Conditioner

Fine and normal hair: spray onto clean, damp hair from the middle to the ends.

Thick and coarse hair: apply a small amount to damp hair from roots to ends. Do not rinse. Style the hair as usual. For more intense hydration you could apply the conditioner to dry hair as well.

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