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The Contemporary Super-King Duvet Cover

A duvet cover is a fabric used to cover a duvet to protect it from dirt and to give it a look according to your need. A super-king duvet is of a size of 260×220 cm (90inches x 86 inches). It is a bigger size among duvets. Sir Terence Conran (founder of habitat) found that the super king duvets were first used in Sweden then it was first started selling in Britain in 1964. After that whole Europe was using it owing to colder weather.

Today, the US & UK are one of the biggest users of super king duvets. Any size of duvet cannot be completed without its cover.

Uses of Super-King Duvet Covers

Large size: As it was learned that a super king duvet is bigger in size as compared to other sized duvets, it can cover all of your bed and protect your partner and may be your family from cold. A cover is imperative for a super king duvet.

Easy maintenance & protection:  Without a cover it is nearly impossible to maintain a duvet. A cover of a duvet can protect it from dirt or dust particles present in the atmosphere, where dust particles can penetrate into the duvet and will never come out unless you have to do a huge amount of fatigue. On the other hand a cover of a duvet can easily be put out and all the dust particles or dirt that is falling on it may easily be washed out by a simple washing machine. Just take out a duvet cover, put it in a container along with the water and some washing material, leave it for a couple of hours and then rinse it. All the dirt, dust particles or all other imperatives would wipe out and your duvet is safe and clean.

Aesthetic touch to the bed: Another advantage of the cover of a duvet is its glance. A cover can make your bed an entire new look. Different types of colors matched with the other bedding item can give your bedroom a beautiful and attractive look. Your entire mood depends upon your bed condition. If your bed and its bedding items such as duvets and their covers are neat and brighter in color and have a good contrast with the other fabrics of the bed room, then it will remove all of the tiredness and boredom from you. A fabric that is not clean and dull in color lying on your bed would never give you strength and never remove your tiredness all day.

Fabric Material of Super King Duvet Covers

An average person spends his/her one third day in bed. The fabric material of the bedding items is a large concern of a person. A soft and elegant super king duvet cover can remove all the weariness and fatigues from your body and give you a tenderness of tranquility. There are plenty of fabric materials that use to make the duvet covers such as:

Cotton: The most well-known fabric for duvet covers is cotton. The reason is it is soft, sturdy, simple and breathable. Cotton covers last longer & become soft after each wash.

Silk: Super king duvet covers made by silk are also very comfortable at the bed and are cool to the touch. This fabric material is easy to maintain also. Silk is a wrinkle free material and therefore a best selection for all the bedding material.

Polyester: Polyester duvet covers are best for those who like a resistant fabric that does not wrinkle or get faded over time. Polyester is fabrics that is comparatively less breathable, trapping moisture and heat but if you favor a warmer sleep environment than this is a great option for you. They are readily available at affordable rates.

Maintenance of Super King Duvet Covers:

The maintenance of the super king duvet covers is as important as the bedsheets. Seeing that it is bigger in the size as compared to other duvet covers, the super king duvet cover is a little difficult to handle while washing and ironing. This cover should be washed once a month. The duvet covers are produced in a factory, it is a better idea to wash them before the first use.

It looks and appears very clean and crisp and ready to put on the duvets but actually it is due to the starch and other items of the factory that gives it this appearance. For a better result and freshen up your duvet cover, always wash it on low heat water. By doing this, the color of the cover of the duvet would not fade and fabric of the cover would also prevent any damage. You can also visit this store Oxford Home Ware for buying more related products.

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