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The Biggest Glasses Trends That Will Take Over In 2022

The fashion world has never been quite as colorful as it has been recently, as individuality and self-expression are currently all the rage. These days, fashion has never been more fun and vibrant, and this can be seen in all the new glasses trends emerging.

Gone are the days when standard metal frames were the only choice. These are the biggest glasses trends that will likely be taking over in 2022. 

Clear Frames

Clear glasses come in an assortment of shapes, from square and oval to oversized designs. These frames are especially great for those who aren’t too sure which style will suit them best, as the transparency of the frames has a much softer impact on face shape than bold frames. 

That said, they’re also exceptionally stylish this year, and we can expect them to take over the glasses scene in 2022.

Vintage Frames

Vintage frames are typically thin metal frames that are square, oval, or round. These are incredibly trendy for a carefree look, as they emerged and became iconic thanks to various 70s celebs that were part of the hippie movements of the time. 

Oversized Square Frames

When it comes to glasses trends, oversized designs are trending. Not long ago, sizable circular nerd frames were all the rage. And this trend has been slightly modified as oversized chunky square frames are the go-to option for trend-setters and the fashion-forward. 

However, this style is particularly suitable for individuals with oval and square face shapes. Unfortunately, heart-shaped faces should rather avoid this trend.

Glasses With Chains

We’ve seen several celebs flaunting glasses with chain accessories lately, and the trend is inspiring. These chains are also practical and fit well with any glasses design, so you can add this accessory regardless of your choice of frames. 

Aviator Glasses

Aviator-style glasses are perfect for a chic rock-n-roll look. What’s more, these are perfect for almost all face shapes, and they’re perfect for prescription lens designs and sunglasses. 

This frame design emerged back in 1937 thanks to Ray-Ban, and while it has been around ever since, the style has been revived recently along with the revival of rocker fashion trends.

Kitten Style Lenses

Cat-eye glasses have been replaced with a more subtle yet equally as fashionable, kitten-style design. This trend is pretty fashion-forward, as the design is bold. But with that said, there are so many varying styles out there that you can find something suitable for your style, where you’re an elegant dresser or prefer street fashion.

Glasses are a staple essential for so many. And because glasses can be used as a fashion element, choosing the right frames and keeping up with the current trends is critical for most. 

When picking out the perfect pair of glasses, you must consider details such as getting the right prescription to protect your vision, your unique face shape, the right fit, and the right lenses. Once you’ve considered these factors, choosing the best frames will be pretty straightforward. 

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