The Best Time of the Year to Buy Essential Items

When you decide to buy something to use in the home, you probably just up and purchase the item without much thought. But did you know that there are certain times of the year when you can buy an item at a bargain? One of the best times to buy home essentials is during an annual sale or when a new hardware store opens its doors for the first time. Different factors determine the best time of the year to buy different things. Let us look at the best time to buy the following five items.

1. Computers

One of the best times to buy a computer is during seasonal sales, as the Christmas season. Laptops and computers are typically expensive as an ordinary holiday gift; therefore, retailers take advantage of the holiday season when people have a little extra cash to spend. They apply discounts to computers or laptops to attract shoppers and finish their stock before year-end. Discounts are given in the form of voucher codes, cashback offers, and traditional discounts. 

Retailers engage in one-day deals around the holiday season, so check their websites around this time to learn about the offers. Another time to buy computers is on Cyber Monday and Black Friday sales days. These days, prices are slashed across the board for a limited period or on a specific quantity of stock.

2. Bedding

January is one of the best times to shop for new bedding. The tradition began in 1878 when John Wanamaker & Co. discounted sheets to make more people visit the store in January. By that time, they only had sheets in white; hence, the sale has been known as a white sale since then. Other stores adopted the idea where white sales on bedding, latex pillow, kitchen linen, and bath towels in all colors occur in January.

The next best time to buy bedding is in August when retail stores offer sales to college students when buying dorm room essentials. Also, most people move in August, and retailers take advantage of this as well. People are obliged to buy new bedding when moving into a new household, and retail stores know this.

3. Cars

The month of May is one of the best times to buy a car. This is when Memorial Day is celebrated, and dealers and automakers provide incentives on the days leading up to and after the holiday. You can also get a good deal at the end of May.

October, November, and December are also ideal times to buy a car. Car dealerships have monthly, quarterly, and yearly quotas, which usually come into effect later in the year. Towards the end of the year, dealers want to display newer cars and offer deals to finish up older stock.

4. Appliances

The best time of year to update your appliances is when new models come out. Buy ovens and ranges in January; dishwashers, dryers, and washers in September and October; and refrigerators in May. When new models come out, retailers reduce prices on older models to create room for new ones.

Another trick is to buy seasonal appliances during the off-season. You can buy seasonal items such as boilers, furnaces, air conditioners, and gas grills when the appliance has little use. Retailers put these appliances on sale when they are off-season to move it when it has low demand. For example, buy a heater or an air conditioner from March to May and September to November when HVAC retailers are overstocked. You can buy a gas grill in September and October when summer grilling subsides.

5. Clothing

When it comes to clothes shopping, avoid the temptation of buying new arrivals. The price usually gets marked down 6-8 weeks after a new item is released. Be patient and wait for six weeks to buy the item at a better price. If you want to shop for cold-weather clothing, wait to buy in January and February. Winter accessories and jackets go on sale around January. Sandals, summer clothes, and bathing suits are better bought in August when the summer season approaches. October is the ideal month to buy a pair of jeans after the back-to-school rush. Athletic footwear can be bought in January as there are sales to help customers fulfill their new year’s resolutions. Check out for a variety of clothing at an affordable price.

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