The Best New Orleans Restaurants Only Locals Know About

New Orleans has a long history of its taste.  From music to food, The Big Easy knows how to keep everyone who enters city limits smacking their lips and eager to take another bite.

If you’re ready to explore and get some good eats: these are the best restaurants in NOLA that only locals know about! 

Lilly’s Cafe on Magazine Street

New Orleans has an incredibly large population of Vietnamese people, which means the locals get to enjoy their fantastic flavors whenever they want them.  From fantastic pho to awesome sizzling tofu dishes and more: you’ll want to try more and more of their menu! 

This is a generally affordable menu, with options for any budget and enough flavor to get you shopping for New Orleans houses for sale before you even realize what’s happening.  

Bearcat on Jena Street

Not everyone who travels to New Orleans wants constant fried food, and Bearcat understands that!  With two menus, one that’s vegetarian and one that isn’t, you can pick whatever foods fit your fancy and still find something delicious that will keep you powered up throughout the day.

Herbsaint on St. Charles Avenue

French cuisine is a natural part of any New Orleans street!  Herbsaint is no different, offering fantastic lowkey meals that will leave you wondering why more people aren’t trying their fantastic dishes.  Homemade spaghetti with guanciale and fried-poached farm eggs are to die for, and everything you eat here tastes incredibly fresh.

Maiz Arepas on Carondelet Street

Colombian food is another fantastic treat you’ll find in NOLA!  This restaurant may be best known for its delicious pulled pork, fantastic fried plantains, rich cotija cheese, and pickled onions.  Everything here has a bright and unique flavor that makes a meal feel like home.  

Make sure you get enough to go so that you can eat leftovers in your hotel room later!  Although they give you plenty to eat with every dish, you’ll crave more in no time.   

Compere Lapin on Tchoupitoulas Street

If you’ve ever watched Top Chef, it’s time to stop and check out Compere Lapin!  Nina Compton, who was on Top Chef, heads this fusion restaurant that has dishes from the Caribbean, creole, and southern flavors.  Every dish here is welcoming and will remind you of childhood, even if it’s unlike anything you’ve ever tried before.  The comforting environment, low light, and strong flavors will make you want to come back for bite after bite.  

The cocktail menu here is beyond anything else you’ve ever tried and will stun you after one sip!  Make sure to come with friends; sharing and mixing, and matching meals ensures you can try more of everything and love every bite you take.  

New Orleans Is Unlike Anything Else

If you’re eager to enjoy a lively day of fun and excitement, make sure to stop in at these restaurants while you’re in New Orleans!  Not only is their food delicious, but you’ll feel like a local as you dine on fantastic food.

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