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The best garment for summertime: polo shirts.

The summers are getting hotter and hotter in The Netherlands. As a man you have the option to wear a polo shirt. Polo shirts are very popular amongst men. If you want to look your best during a night out or during a family visit, you can opt for a polo. Polos are more comfortable than shirts and look refined. Moreover, a polo provides cooling when The Netherlands is hit with yet another heat wave. In this article we will explain where the polo originates from and how you can best wear the shirt.

The fit of the polo shirt

The most important thing is that the polo is comfortable. This is why you need to find the right fit for your physique. The polo should be long enough to fall slightly over the belt, until about halfway down your zipper. When the buttons of the shirt are all fastened, it should be somewhat tight. The sleeves of the polo should reach until around the centre of the biceps. The hem must fit well around the neck. If the hem is too large, your neck may look small. If the hem is too small, your head will appear large. You will want to prevent this from happening by choosing the right size. Besides, you will want some space between your neck and the polo, as the polo is made to cool you down during the summer months.

The origin of the polo shirt

The polo shirt was designed by the French tennis champion René Lacoste in the 1920’s. In the 1920’s, every tennis player wore a long-sleeved shirt. This was very uncomfortable during the hot summer months as a long-sleeved shirt is simply too hot a garment. Hence how René Lacoste came up with the idea of a polo shirt. He used to be the only one who wore it until he put it on the market in 1933 together with a friend named André Gillier. Around 1960 the polo shirt started to be known as a casual piece of garment.

Do not wear your polo the wrong way

When wearing a polo shirt formally it is wise to avoid large logos. Small logos are in better taste and don’t look obnoxious like the larger ones. You can even choose a striking colour or print, provided that you do not intend on attending a formal meeting.

Do not wear a T-shirt underneath the polo shirt. If the T-shirt sleeves come out from under the polo it will look sloppy. The polo shirt should fit quite tightly around your body, as long as it is still comfortable.

Wearing the collar of your polo upward is nowadays not done. The collar should be worn down, like you would with a regular shirt. The polo shirt has an intriguing history and is the male garment of the summer. Have you become interested after reading this article? And would you like to buy a polo shirt? Make sure to visit , with the largest collection of polo shirts online.

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