The 5 Most Important Questions to Ask a Lawyer After a Personal Injury

Did you know that most malpractice suits against lawyers are from personal injury cases? You don’t want to find yourself in a situation where you feel you didn’t have proper representation in a personal injury case.

Most attorneys offer a free consultation, which is your chance to interview them and find the best personal injury attorney to represent you.

It’s important to know what to ask them before your consultation. Keep reading to find out what to ask personal injury lawyers before you hire one.

1. Do I Have a Personal Injury Case?

People should seek advice from a personal injury attorney when they are hurt. You never know if you have a legitimate personal injury claim or not.

The first question to ask a lawyer is whether or not you have a claim. You should bring documentation for the attorney to review so they can make an assessment.

2. What Do You Need From Me?

In a personal injury case, the attorney will do most of the work. However, you will be responsible for some things during the course of the case.

You might be asked to visit doctors or specialists. You might have to talk with expert witnesses or investigators. It’s entirely possible you have to attend depositions.

3. Who Handles My Case?

It doesn’t matter if you are interviewing an individual attorney or a big law firm. You want to know who is working on your case.

At a large firm, it’s possible to have several attorneys work on different aspects of your case. An individual lawyer could have a paralegal do the bulk of the work.

4. How Much Are Your Fees?

Most personal injury cases are handled on a contingency basis. The payment is contingent on the attorney getting a settlement.

They’ll usually take a 35% – 50% fee for the case. Be sure to find out if you are responsible for any advance costs if the attorney loses the case.

Personal injury attorneys take on costs like filing fees and administrative fees in advance. You may be responsible for these fees win or lose.

5. What Are Previous Results From Similar Cases?

You want to find out two things from the attorney when you ask this question. They should tell you if they negotiated or tried cases like yours. The personal injury lawyer should have a track record of winning settlements for their clients.

You could ask to speak with past clients as well. You can find out what it’s like to work with that attorney and if they were happy with the result.

Hire the Right Personal Injury Attorney

A consultation with an attorney is like an interview. You’re hiring them to do a job and you want to make sure they meet your expectations.

These questions to ask personal injury lawyers help you decide which attorney or law firm is the best one for your case.

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